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Hi John, Please i'm using SA 4 and i would want to know how to manual draw enclosed shapes with sharp or straight edges. Thanks


24 May 19
Reply by Synthetik Software

Missing Brushes Using 64bit Version of Studio Artist

After bumping into the performance ceiling using the 32 bit version of SA with large canvases at higher resolutions I fired up the 64bit ve…

Started by Richard Feltner

5 Apr 29
Reply by Synthetik Software

OLD SA 2.0 Paint Synth Presets

I have been remembering a wonderful group of Paint Synth Presets from a very long time ago. I crave to experiment with some old effects I h…

Started by craig deeley

11 Apr 16
Reply by Synthetik Software

how to erase parts of painted canvas?

I know there is a way to erase parts of a worked on canvas to expose the original.  I cannot recall how one does that...  Please advise..

Started by Janet Reider

1 Apr 14
Reply by Synthetik Software

Program is glitchy in new Mac update

I just updated to the newest Macintosh update, Version 10.14.4 (18E226). I now seem to be having some glitches when using auto paint. Visua…

Started by Karen Brown

1 Apr 12
Reply by Synthetik Software

Is it possible to use a script engine in next version?

I know even now, there are many discoverable features in SA, But for generative art maybe users want to use some script, I don't know, Is i…

Started by smm samm

13 Apr 3
Reply by Ryan DigiArt

How to achieve this effect

I'm trying to get an MSG  preset effect on a source (a portrait) to fade out from full on processing to no effect at all over 10 - 15 secon…

Started by Dennis Miller

0 Mar 27

New Techology

I just though this might be of interest to everyone... and if you look around the site there are many different possibilities: And look at…

Started by Paul Perlow

0 Mar 21

Newbie trying to learn.

I am having fun with SA, but it does have a learning curve.What I am finding is that the basics, are quick to get, but finding more advance…

Started by Ryan DigiArt

1 Mar 21
Reply by Synthetik Software

problem with warp interpolation

interpolation order > 0 results in color value loss from one frame to the next which leads to undesirable fading over time if applied to…

Started by liubo

1 Mar 18
Reply by Synthetik Software


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experimenting with Image Operation: SKETCH MASS
Synthetik Software replied to Synthetik Software's discussion How to emulate the old MSG Evolver ArtMapper in SA V5. in the group MSG
"Someone asked about the Source option in the Paint Brush Load control panel. The were referring to MSG brush load, but the image processing and lighting effect brush loads also have source options.  The Source refers to what is used as input…"
David Buckle posted a photo
Synthetik Software replied to ASARE CHRISTIAN's discussion REGION FILL AS BRUSH
"As far as the paint preset you are trying to use this in. So, the paint preset is using a msg preset for the msg brush load that is generative only. By that i means it’s io chain is setup so that no input to the msg preset is used in it.…"
May 19
Synthetik Software replied to ASARE CHRISTIAN's discussion REGION FILL AS BRUSH
"Source is an option in all of the Brush Load control panel types. It refers to what signal is used as the source into the associated brush load control panel processing. So for the msg brush load type, it's what source is used for input into…"
May 19
"Hi John, Please could you explain what the source parameter under the MSG brush load option does."
May 19

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