I've been recording some history sequences and scaling them up recently.

I thought I would try the 64 bit version for this as it is 'still art'.

Every time I do it it crashes, but when I go back to normal SA5 it works fine.

Does the memory settings within preferences have an effect on 64 bit version?

I'm using a macbook pro with the latest software with 8 gig of memory


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Looks like you found a bug we missed in testing the 64 bit version. I've got a crash log that pin-points where the problem is occurring, so i'll start working on analyzing the problem and a fix for it later today. Thanks for letting us know.

The memory settings within preferences should have the same effect in the 64 bit build that they do in the 32 bit version.

Excellent, glad to be of help

Ok, looks like it's fixed now. If only all bugs were as easy to track down and fix. I'll run some more tests, and then build a 5.02beta with the fix, and get that to you to test yourself.

As to why we didn't track it down earlier. Re-render worked fine in our early V5 testing. However, we added a feature late in the V5 release cycle that allowed for randomization of the ip op effects from a button at the bottom of their editor panels. There are Init, Randomize, P1, and P2 buttons at the bottom of the V5 Editor panel. Randomize randomizes the current ip op effect if you press it.

We added a new random number generator object to support this feature even later in the development cycle so that when it was used internally in gallery show to randomize ip op effects it didn't end up giving non-random results because the original random number generator associated with it was being used in another place within gallery show. The new random number object wasn't getting de-allocated properly in the 64 bit build when the re-render code was run.

So that's where the crash came from. I thought i'd explain the internal workings of it a little bit to give people a sense of the complexity going on under the hood in a program like Studio Artist. A simple code change can have potentially far reaching implications to other remote parts of the program.

What about win64 version? Is it very complicate for compilling in 64 Bit for windows?

We're currently looking into a 64 bit V5 build for windows. There are some issues with some of the dynamic libraries we currently use that need to be sorted out.

Windows 32 bit virtual memory allocation is flawed in my opinion, because you get way way less than the 4 GB you should be able to get (and do get on the mac).  So thats another big reason why we'd like to get a 64 bit V5 windows build available for our windows customers.

thanks for the detailed reply, out of interest, why are there two patch memories as opposed to four in the paint synth?..is this to do with the paint preset mixer

The paint synth patch memories have been there since the dawn of time, which for Studio Artist would be 1999 in Studio Artist 1.0. As to why there are 4, that's just a design decision we made at the time. We later added additional visual patch memories in the pre V4 versions of Studio Artist. By visual, i mean that they were bigger icon buttons that displayed a preview of the effect. We removed those in V4 and added the Favorites preset browser instead, which is much more flexible.

In V5, we tried to add some more consistency across a greater set of operation modes in the Editor control panels where it made sense. As a part of that we added 2 patch memories to ip ops. Patch memories are useful for saving and restoring parameter settings when working with editing effects.

Note that the Init and Randomize buttons are in a number of different operation mode Editor control panels now. They make it easy to quickly start from scratch with a default set of parameter settings, or to randomize on the fly if looking for new effects.

We should probably add patch memories to some of the other operation modes besides the paint synthesizer and ip op.

The original goal for the preset mixer was to make it work across more operation modes than just the paint synthesizer. That fell by the wayside int he interest of finishing up V5. We would have to add additional patch memories to the other operation modes to make that work.

The original terminology of patch vs preset comes from the language used in music synthesizers. Presets are stored permanently in a preset file on your computer. Patches are stored in an internal memory inside of Studio Artist, but are not permanently saved as preset files unless you specifically set the interface to the settings stored in the patch memory and then manually save that as a preset file.

thankyou..thats answered a lot of questions that I had.

the idea of a paint mixer incorporating other operations sounds like a cool thing for the future

You are right that any operation mode that would be supported by the preset mixer would need 4 internal patch memories associated with it. For the 4 corners of the effect mixer.

The 4 corner mixing to generate new effects is actually something that originated in a number of different music synthesizers. It's kind of an obvious thing, put 4 different effects at the 4 corners of a trackpad and then use the physical movement between the 4 corners to morph between the different effects located at the corners.

There's another approach to visual spatial effect morphing, where you can lay down presets anywhere in the trackpad grid, and then the physical distance between where they all are spatially located vs your current cursor position on the trackpad gets computed and used to derive an N effect input morph. You can also move the input presets positions when working with this style of spatial effect morph to modulate the morph.

This is another thing we proto-typed in V5 development, but dropped in order to get V5 out the door. the idea was that you could switch the display mode in the preset mixer, and use the appropriate style of visual morph. It's way more involved to program, because you need to drag and drop presets from the preset browser into the mixer, display them there appropriately, etc. It was sort of working, but had some weird bugs, so we dropped it for the release. That's why it's called the Preset Mixer in the interface as opposed to the Patch Mixer (which probably should be the current name).

I seem to remember, back in the mists of time, a conversation on here ..with 'Thor' about using a KORG kaos pad type control to select the interaction of these patches, moving between the 4 corners...

Which has become a reality with the mixer

Haha yes, I am still around!  I finally got SA5 and was doing a search for the Paint Preset Mixer and found this thread.  :) 

small small world : )


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