Hello. In this preset, only 1 layer (the background) of what is clearly a composited image is animation. I'm not exactly sure what created the bacground, as my original image is on the top layer... But in the anim, I can't seem to find any processors that alter the top layer. I assme you will see the problem regardless of what image you use as the source I could upload mine if needed.
Any suggestions on how to get the top layer to change over time?
thanks much,

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I'm not sure i understand you question. The MSG preset has 3 processors. The RGB source image is converted to LuvHVC, then the value channel is processed by the AdvTurb processor, then the modified LuvHVC image is converted back to RGB. So, basically you are processing the value channel with the AdvTurb processor. You can think of this as replacing the luminance of the image with the derived turbulence image.

You have a few Temporal Generators on some parameters in the AdvTurb processor. That's what is generating the animation.

There aren't any layers per say, unless you are referring to the individual image channels as layers? The animation looks like what i would expect for that particular msg configuration. Are you running this in MSg Evolver or Studio Artist? I did my check in MSG Evolver.
Hey John. Thanks for your note. Here is the actual image that shows the "layering." I opened an image in MSG and used the Image Turbulence processor to begin the session. The file attached here appeared in one of the resulting images/cells. The original image is simply the colored stuff that sits on top of this new background that was created by MSG, and I think you can pretty clearly see the two layers in what I have attached. I don;t understand which of the generators/processors created the backdrop against which my original image rests.

So when I tried to animate the various Processors, what I see is the newly created background (it's black and white) moving and morphing, but the foreground layer, i.e., the original image that I used as my source does not move at all - that's the brightly colored foreground that you can see in the attached file - it simply sits motionless atop the moving backdrop. If you need the original image and the MSG preset that was used to create the attached file, let me know.
Thanks much,.
If you want to give me the original image and the msg preset i can take a look at it. It could be because you are modulating the AdvTurb processor with your source image and the source image is static, you get the static image features that are bugging you. Probably the z position is being modulated by the source image luminance, or something else like that. You could turn that off if you want a more flat texture not influenced by the source image (other than coloring).

One option would be to use a source movie as opposed to a source image. Then you could get the movement associated with the source movie going on at the same time you are animating the texture you generate for the luminance channel (actually value, but you can think of it as the same for the sake of understanding what is going on).
Okay, here is the orginal source (a smaller vesion) called websmall. Clearly a one layer image. Also the MS preset where we see two layers, the colored one on top and the bw one underneath. Love to know what exactly generated the lower layer and also how I could animate the upper layer along with the lower layer.
Thanks much.
As i said before, it's not a second layer, it's just a visual artifact of the z offset modulation for the generated texture field. go to the AdvTurb processor in the processor chain editor, open up the spatial parameter group in AdvTurb, and set the Z Offset parameter from 200 % to 0 % and you will see what i mean.

So you need to use a movie for your source that animates in some way and then you can use the z offset modulation and the animating source will lead to an animating appearance for the parts of the image created by the z offset modulation in the texture.
Great looking source image by the way!
Hey John. Well actually, it is the Z Offset Mod that is at 200% - the Z Offset is at
-238. So if I change the Z offset mod to 0, then I lose all of the colorful, viney wirey stuff at the "forefront" of the image (I won't call it the "top layer," though it really looks layered to me). And if I change the Z Offset to 0, it doesn't really do much - I still what to be the wirey colorful top "layer" and the bw background.
So changing the Z offset mod to 0 really destroys the effect and changing Z offset doesn;t kill the background bw portion of the image.

As you saw, the source is not an animation.. just a still (glad you like it!). So that isn't really an optiopn at this point. Looks like there is no solution.

Also, I really like the version of the image with the two "layers" as a still - it's the one I posted above (web2small)... If I wanted a larger version of this, could I simply increase the big canvas size to, say 3000 x 2000 without creating artifacts, even though the original image file ("Web") is much smaller? Or does the new image that is created with the processing depend on the resolution of the original source (I want to print this big size).

Finally, if you change the big canvas size while viewing the big canvas, it turns white, then you have to go back to Images, then go back to Big Canvas to see the image at the new size. Is this the expetced (or prefered) behavior?
Thanks much.
Run supersizer on your source image to the higher resolution, then use that supersized source for the large canvas for print. the advturb processing will scale since it is res independent. You could just use the original source but this will probably give you a little better quality.

You could use displacement mapping or a warp or something to turn the original source into a movie with some movement if you do want that to vary in the effect.

yes, changing the res of the big canvas does have it go to white. just press the big canvas button and it will rerender.


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