How do you create movies from multiple layers with compositing?

Do you need to run a PAS separately on each source movies and then combine them or can this be done in one step?


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In the paint Action Sequence Configuration preferences dialog (file : preferences : Paint Action Sequence Configuration) you can set the Layer Track popup to On if you want the layer settings recorded when you recorded the PAseq to playback when you play back the PAseq. If LayerTrack is off, then all the PASeq action steps run on the current layer.
But what if you want to combine different source movies? You can not load more than one movie file as a source image or into the canvas?

To further clarify.

I have two source movies. I would like to load one of layer 1 and load the other on layer 2 and then select a composting method. Is there a process to combine these two into one movie and even more layers?

In this case both the movies have the same size and number of frames.

Alternatively have a movie on layer 1, and a movie on layer 2. Have a PAS apply to layer 1 and a different PAS to layer 2 and these movies are composited into a single layer output.
It can be done loading up a source movie on layer 1. ( Option click key frame 1 when Keyframe=Content)
Do the same on layer 2
Set the layer composting method.
Write each frame to a new movie stream (cmd F)

Is there a faster way?
Either content or source keyframes are the way to go. For content keyframes, you want the layer to be the same size as the movie you are using for that layer. At the beginning of each new frame time when a paseq is being processed, the content updates for the layers with content keyframes.

if you use source keyframe, then you are associated different source movies with different layers. the movies don't have to be the same size as the layer. but the frames are not loaded into the layer for you automatically, you would have to have individual steps in the paseq that set the layer to the source for each layer, or use things like ip ops with the ip source popup set to source if you were processing that way.
I am still not clear on how to run different PASeq on different layers each with a seperate movie and write that out to a new stream.

However I now process each movie in turn with a PASeq. I then load each movie into the layer window and set the compositing. The newly found step is to set up the Timeline Animation window to Paint animation, the number of frames and Active "All layers". Open a new movie stream from Main Canvas and press the "ACTION" button.

Easy when you know how.


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