Hello all, I have a movie file processed with a PAS and then I reprocess the same with with the MorphTween All Frames command but most of the time it only completes half of the file and stops. Any ideas? I'm trying to create a "living painting" and wanted to morph to smooth things out as otherwise it looks like a very fast stop frame animation.

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Did you press a key accidentally to stop it from processing? How many frames is the movie you are trying to process?

You could try splitting the movie into 2 using cut and paste in Quicktime player Pro and then process those separately.
No, no pressed keys. The original file is 200 frames. So is the file after the PAS. I set the MorphTween All Frames to insert 1 frame. As a side note as I have been sitting here working with the Region Draw Multipen mode when I lasso a large area only half of the area processes. It just stops. I don't know if it related.
The Region Draw issue probably means you just need to bump up the Path Buffer Max setting in the main studio artist preferences dialog (file:preferences:main). I don't think this has anything to do with the morphtween issue. IF you find out differently let us know.

i'll try some morphtween tests tomorrow and see what we find here.
Increasing the buffer size has no effect. It stops only after a few seconds on a large canvas (1920x1080) and it takes on an eccliptical shap which I haven't figured out how to just fill the whole canvas automatically using region draw (still in the learning phase).
The buffer size increase does not take effect until the next time you start up studio artist. I just ran a test and i'm convinced the buffer size is what you were running into. I'm able to duplicate your problem with the default small buffer size, and it goes away after i increase the buffer size in the preferences, quit, and then restart studio artist.
That did the trick, thanks. I'll have to see it that did something to the movie proccessing thiing also. One other question. With Mode:Region Draw Multipen selected do you know how I can change the selection from the ecliptical shape to something like a rectangle so I can select the entire canvas?
In the Pen Mode control panel in the paint synthesizer you can choose the Fill Type for the Region Draw Mode. There are a wide variety of patterns and shapes you can draw in Region Draw pen mode other than the default setting.

I don't think the path buffer size is going to have anything to do with your movie issue. Let me know if that's not the case.
I thought I better drop a line so you wouldn't think that I have forgotten about this but the truth is I have been waiting on my computer to finish processing a test movie that was shot in HD at 1920x1080. On a mac G4 450mhz it will be tommorrow afternoon before it's finished with the 156 frames that it started processing Friday night. After that I will get it to do the MorphTween and see what happens.


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