I am just wondering if anyone has ever tried this or has any ideas on different setting, presets, approaches..ect for creating something resembling the work of Gustav Dore. He was famous for the many etching he did (particularly those inspired by Dante's Inferno. I am looking to use SA to apply to moving and elements so live action can be composited into the scenes. So using SA on the elements of people or whatnot and then exporting to After Effects or Fusion for final comp into the scenes. Here are some links to his work where you can see up close the hatch etch texture in each of the photos. Might have to zoom in to see more clearly, but you'll get the idea. Thanks in advance for your help.


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LIne Screen Regionize would be one Ip Op to check out. There are some settings in there that can do a good job at emulating etching line patterning.

You can also configure the paint synthesizer to do etching or wood cut style effects. I've got some processed movies done this way. I'll try to dig up an example from the archives. If you check out the Specialty-Woodcut presets that might give you some ideas. They have more of a wood cut as opposed to an engraving feel, but could give you some different ideas on how to go about programing parallel cut behavior.

You would probably also want to combine a parallel cut simulation preset with a straight edge sketch preset for your final effect.

Also, i just noticed that the Various-Litho Ideas paseq set has some different approaches that you might be able to adapt or modify to get the particular style you are looking for. I noticed that one of the paseqs in there uses a movie pixel index background texture to create the hatching. That would be a totally different approach to doing a etching effect. You could use the 2D frame indexing in the movie texture to good effect.
One question i had about the particular Gustav examples you link to, is there also use of acid wash 'bite' on the plates for some of the gray tonal areas? It kind of looks like that in the jpgs, but i was unclear if that's because i'm not looking at a high res version of the print or if some of the tonal areas are aquatint areas? I ask because the way you would reproduce that kind of texture is very different from a scrapped line.
There is a great line screen that can be accessed that can generate a feeling of an engraving. Under Presets go to MSG. Then Under category go to 3.0 Tutorial. Then chose Color Screen Effect.
I hope this helps.


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