Okay, so I want to stitch a folder of images into a video clip without any effects. This seems easy enough, so I thought to use the 'Process Image Folder...With PASeq' command, with 'Set Layer to Source Image' as the only step in the stack.

... is there a way that affords more control over the output? I'd like to retime the images so that each frame is held for longer during the render. Is there an option to do this kind of thing, or is it more the territory of a compositing program like Final Cut?

Thanks for any input.

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You can set the frames per second (fps) of the output movie to be whatever you want it to be. When you set up your movie compression codec settings (File : Preferences : Movie Compression), you can set the frames per second field in the dialog to be whatever you want it to be. Making this value smaller will increase the duration of each frame in the output movie.
A low low tech approach:

In the Finder select all the images in the folder in question. Select Duplicate from the File menu. Repeat as necessary. Process that with SA.

Most Macs these days come with iMovie. There are "how do I create a slideshow" tutorials all over the internet. It seems like there isn't much that you can't do with Studio Artist if you're creative enough, but programs like iMovie seem to be built for stitching frames together.
Also if you have QuickTime Pro (and you MUST... it's worth the $29) you can "OPEN IMAGE SEQUENCE" from the FILE menu... point to a folder of numbered images, and set the FPS. Boom.

Thanks for the help, these are all useful suggestions.


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