One of the cool features of the new Studio Artist User Forum is that you can start your own personal blogs in the 'My Page' section of the forum. I'm going to try using my own personal blog as a way to post some short tutorials and tips for Studio Artist Users. I just posted one on 'Conscious Manipulation of Image and Effect Focus' here.

If other people have tips or information they would like to share it would be great if you start posting them on your own personal Studio Artist blog.

I typically use Safari to interact with the site, but i did notice that if you use Firefox for editing your personal blog you get some added WYSIWYG features available. So it's easier to embed photos in your blog entry for example if you create it using the Firefox browser since you can just click a button to add and upload one as opposed to having to work with HTML code in your entry to achieve the same thing.

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Synthetik Software replied to smm samm's discussion Is it possible to add webgl to next version?
"My understanding of webgl is to allow opengl style graphics directly in a web browser. Studio Artist is not a web browser, so? Maybe you mean to ask, is it possible to add opengl shader style effects to Studio Artist. It is something we have been…"
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Synthetik Software replied to Nora Laiken's discussion Updates?
"Undo buffers can take up a lot of virtual memory. You can adjust the number of undo steps (and associated memory buffers) in the mina preferences dialog. Reducing the # of undos can help quite a bit if you are running into memory allocation issues."
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Thomas Stoney replied to Nora Laiken's discussion Updates?
"The virtual memory limitations you can sort of get round them, by using what ever picture you choose and what ever preset, just let It render. Don’t touch It or the virtual memory limitations will start up, and it usually freezes or…"
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