Is there anywhere that I could learn a little on the technical side of Studio Artist's feaures and processes? I like having a bit of background reference for my brain to relate to when I create something, and in particular I'm thinking of the Image Operations, and most specifically the Smart Morpholizer. I've been playing within a certain set of image data, and some of the results need some explaining to me, for the sheer sake of curiosity I suppose.

Are there any files that might have such info?

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The chapter in the Studio Artist User Guide on the Image Operations has a terminology section at the beginning that discusses some of the technical terms used in the various processors.
Thanks, I will check it out!

(btw you guys are genius)
Hey, instead of posting a new thread, I will send this one sideways!

Okay, I am obsessed by fractals, and have been noticing some neat things that happen when I seem to 'max' out some of Studio Artist's settings... I've noticed it only a few times and I always have a hard time recreating my accidents, but I have the most repeat occurrence in the smart morpholizer.

Basically, it seems like different values start fighting over each other's turf, and then they bleed into one another, as if SA can't quite decide where to plunk the next image values. Am I making this up?

I know that once I learn how to script in SA, the potential for (pseudo) fractals becomes a reality, I think..... I think I remember checking out some msg stuff which looked surprizingly like tripped out maths.

Are there any resources that I might want to look into, such as a tutorial or two pointing me in the right direction? Thanks!
Check out the santa presets i posted recently on the forum for an approach to generating fractals using the paint synthesizer in studio artist.

MSG Evolver User Guide is the best reference for learning how MSG works.

The Smart Morpholizer Ip Op is an example of extreme nonlinear signal processing. The thing about nonlinear algorithms in general is that when pushed or adjusted they can move in very unexpected directions. All of the Morpholizers (which are very nonlinear) are very configurable as far as the kind of effects you can create with them depending on how the parameters are set and what you are putting into it. The best way to get a feel for the range of possible effects in something like the smart morpholizer is really to play with the different parameter settings in a systematic way.

If you get into the math of how fractals are created, there are a lot of different approaches to get there when creating an image. Both the texture synthesizer and certain msg processors create fractal textures without any additional configuring. There are other msg processors that implement things like IFS fractals or various chaotic attractors. The santa presets i mentioned above use iterative recursive processing that is transforming the scale of the canvas to create a fractal image. You could build PASeqs that use interactive warp operations that reduce the scale and add rotation to build up fractal fields (there was a discussion of this on this forum several months ago). There are really many different ways to approach building fractals in Studio Artist when you start to talk about iterative processing.
these were done in photoshop and apophysis, and I want to be able to take this into animation somehow....

You could definitely do stuff like this using MSG in Evolver. The MSG Evolver User Guide is probably the best source for technical information on how MSG works. There are many MSG processors that implement different fractal algorithms or you could combine different processors to build your own.
This is great, thank-you.


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