if I create a quicktime movie in SA 720x480..which is the best format/option to choose when importing into FC ..there seem to be so many options within FC.
Sorry if this has been covered before.
I have read the SA manual with regard to this and wondered if, since the manual was written there might be different options wthin FC I ought to try.

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i find it easier if i convert my SA movies to either 24fps or 30fps before importing them into FCP. that way, they don't need to be rendered in FCP and you save drive space and render time. you can do that easily with the program Compressor, which usually ships with FCP.

the other thing to consider is which codec you'll be using and outputting in. what is the final output you want out of FCP? most people work with the lossless animation codec in SA. depending on your system, that can choke up in playback in FCP. easy to try it out. if you need or want to convert to a different codec, you can also do this with Compressor. like Jean Detheux, i usually try to use uncompressed or 10-bit RGB video because i want to retain as much of the color space as possible. you can also set SA to render your clips in whatever codec you want.

once you have your stuff in FCP you just need to make sure your sequence settings match the movies you're bringing in, otherwise it'll have you rendering everything. a shortcut to doing this is to import a movie and then click on it and choose 'make multiclip sequence'. this will create a sequence for you that perfectly matches the settings of that particular movie. you can delete the extra multiclip folder it will also create - all you want is the sequence.
hi david,

do you work with a slower codec such as the as the animation codec and then convert them to 24fps? i am thinking of the recent conversation on how to reduce flicker by using the animation codec.


sorry for the delay in replying I am having a few internet connection probs...first time I have been back on for a few days.
......and now I am overwhelmed with answers!!!!!!.........I will spend some time and digest the info..which will no doubt create more questions!!
hi ben,

do you create the work at 200 or 300 dpi or do you blow it up afterwards? i guess this refers more to animating still images rather than video. i think i thought that if you are using the vectorizer or paint synthesizer (or hi re msg presets) i could leave the res. at 72. it sure looked a whole lot better when i set it at 300dpi.

One of the good things from SA is its resolution independency.
Ben, in general I agree with you that it is always good to have the highest possible output, even if you downconvert your final film. But isn't good enough to push it from SD to HD like David did it with his "fish"? When I see his trailer I am quite astonished about the quality. However doing a blow-up from SD to HD is already creating something in a higher resolution even though it is still related to the 72dpi. I am just wondering if 300dpi for video is really needed? Plus doesn't it boost again render times and even the processing time inside SA itself!?

good to know about the animation codec vs. pro res, though i don't have the latest version of FCP so i'm not even sure i have it yet.

i never bothered to render my stuff over 72dpi though i was mostly working in 720 HD. but it's interesting to know that the render times are no different at 300dpi. it would be good to do some side-by-side comparisons at both SD and HD resolution and see if there really is a noticeable difference. does it make the file size much bigger?
i guess what i meant to ask was whether a 300dpi movie file is much bigger than a 72dpi movie file, either at SD or HD resolution.
Hi Ben, like David mentioned already, it is good to get the information about animation codec vs. pro res. Besides I have to say yes and yes ... to many thinks, but I am still not getting your point on the dpi-issue. I don't know, maybe it's a language problem, my native language isn't english, but let me try ...

Every picture has a pixel dimension that relates to its document size and the resolution which also relates to each other.
Let's do another example. You said that most of the time you work with DVCPRO-HD, so let's take that format. For the example we are using a still frame just to make it a little easier, that we do not have to take care about the movie compression settings in the preferences of SA.

If you export a still frame out of a DVCPRO-HD (1080i60) project you'll get a picture with a pixel dimension of 1280 x 1080 at a resolution of 72dpi (in inch that document will be sized 17,778 x 15 inch). If one opens this picture then into SA the set canvas size window appears. The SA preset is set to 72 dpi. If you don't change anything, and do what you do in SA, then save the picture as, you will get a processed picture as the result with exactly the same document size, resolution and pixel dimension.

If you take the same picture from the DVCPRO-HD project, and change the resolution settings in the set canvas size window to 300 dpi, then do what you want to do in SA and save it as, the saved picture will still have the same pixel dimension. But the document size has changed to 4,267 x 3,6 inch at 300 dpi.
But again, the pixel dimension is still exactly the same. Which makes sense cause SA didn't interpolate or anything. That is also why the file size does not change.

If then one dumps back both of this pictures into Final Cut Pro (or whatever video editing software you use) both of them will be presented as a normal sized DVCPRO-HD picture, if the sequenz is set to DVCPRO-HD.

Hardly I can't see any differences in quality between this two pictures. But I have to say that I cannot control on a HDTV screen because there is none here in the bureau.

If you are saying that there is a difference exactly in this kind of case, well then maybe I have to check on a HDTV screen. Otherwise I still don't know ...

thanks Ben as I said to David, I think I need to digest the vast amount of information my original post generated..and no doubt it will generate more questions!!
when you say you usually render out from SA to DVC PRO -HD or Pro Res what do you mean ? as I am assuming they are options within the SA compression prefs, are they just other names for some of the codecs within the SA compression preferences.

ps what does GOP stand for?
Thinkin about it, i suppose what I am asking is which of the SA comp prefs would be best, if I am dropping them into FC which is set to Pro Res at 29.97
If your FC project is set to Pro Res at 29.97 I would go for the same settings.

Besides compressing is an "art" itself. Lots of times one has to test a lot to figure our the perfect settings.


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