In my exploration of MSG Evolver ( wonderfull tool !!!!) i am searching the best way to do those: ( if possible )

A: Repeat axactly a tile pattern ( tiling) to another image or in a larger scale
B: Repeat exactly a pattern of ART MAP to another image or in a larger scale.

Also shall we expect that version 4.0 will take full benefice of the 8 core.. intel mac

Thanks to all

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Version 4 does take advantage of all cores when running threaded code. There's a lot more threaded code in 4 as opposed to 3.5.

The Tiling mode in MSG Evolver is probably the easiest way to tile an image or a msg preset. To do an image, use a msg preset that just passes through the source image. You can use the source image processing configuration menu to easily build a 'src pass through' preset.

To tile an art map you'd need to save an art map canvas and load it as a source image and then use the tiling mode i described above.

T output a art map at a higher dpi or larger canvas size you can just resize the canvas (edit : resize big canvas menu) and then rerun the art map into the bigger canvas.
Thanks for the quick response john

I understand that i could record a specific tiling ( obtain by tiling evolve for example ) by saving the session. Then re opening the session will give me the ame tiling

But i dont understand how to save a specific art map obtain by using the evolve once... and then reopen it with the same canvas source or any other file
if you want to save the art map settings then you save an evolver session.

if you want to save the artmapped canvas image you run the file : save big canvas image as menu to save an image file. you could then open this image file as a new source image if you wished.

Please is there a way to manually tile in msg evolver 1.0 when using the ArtMap or a way to record the art mapper process and use the paint action sequence to replicate the effect.


MSG Evolver is a separate application from Studio Artist. It's primarily for building and editing MSG presets, and for generating art mapping effects.

If you want to do manual painting, then you need to use Studio Artist. You aren't going to be able to do it in MSG Evolver.

Same for paint action sequences, they are a Studio Artist feature. They don't exist in MSG Evolver.

Most of the art mapping features in MSG Evolver you could program in Studio Artist 4 and 5. By using the paint synthesizer setup accordingly.


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