Inspiration from other SA art... or just other art?

Since I do not make any money off my art, I depend much more than the average monkey on getting inspired in order to create. Sometimes the discipline of a routine is enough, but since I do have to stamp out some cargo to put food on the table, painting routine usually falls aside to work priorities... and so most of the time inspiration is more powerful to get me back to making something in SA.

When I go gallery hopping, I definitely get inspired to create. However sometimes seeing other people's Studio Artist creations is even more motivating because it seems closer to the realm of the possible (for me at least) and reveals techniques and tools that might be applicable to shake up my neural pathway ruts. There's yet another way that it is motivating for me, and that is I never see anything like what funky experiments I've been doing, and so that is even more exciting. Since SA has almost infinite permutations of ways to do things, there's plenty of interesting paths to explore!

With that in mind, are there some online galleries of Studio Artist created art that inspire you? I'll start by posting a few that I've run across, and looking back through the DMN Forum.

Synthetik has a number of galleries on their website:

Lode Coen has a gallery of paintings apparently made using SA

Jean Detheux

And Victor Ingrassia


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If you check back through the Studio Artist News blog at there are some links to other Studio Artist user galleries. And there will be more over time, part of what i'm trying to do with that news site is feature Studio Artist users who have interesting galleries.

The older Studio Artist Blog at has a movie and small image gallery and also provides some links to other people's sites as well as offers some additional preset collections for people to download.


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Kai's supergoo..

John, a long time ago, years in fact, I asked if there was a preset that imitated the old 90s program 'Kai's supergoo". You put a really cool preset up which did just that, I've trawled my laptop and backup and cannot find it...any chance you or anyone could put it up again?thanksSee More
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Paint preset mixer

Hello, Please the generate from IP op option under the generate path menu command is disabled. How can I fix this please.Again please could someone explain how to use the paint preset mixerSee More
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"There are many different 'Watershed' named effects in Studio Artist, so i'm not sure which one you are asking about in this post. If you attach the preset you are using, i can take a look at it and comment further. The Watershed ip…"

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