SUBJECT: Movie Processing Problem

Last night and today I tried a number of times to process a short 5 sec video in SA 3.5- each time it starts on and seems to complete the first frame and then SA just quits. This happened a number of times.

I then tried to procees images in a folder, again after it completed the first image it kept quitting.

I have processed video and still images before, on this machine and I don't know how to fix the problem.

Need help.


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It might be the movie compression settings - if they are set too high - SA will just quit out. Tone the compression down to something reasonable - this might help.
Which compression setting. Do you mean drop from 10 fps to 8 fps? What is reasonable?


under :
file/preferences/movie compression.

It could be set to 'animation' or none' - you may want to set it at a lower compression setting for creation of a smaller file. Someting like h.264 may be better. I am not really sure whicj setting is better for you - this was a setting I needed to adjust on my end to avoid crashing
I had a problem with SA crashing on me while painting and I threw out the Preferences and that seemed to have fixed it. Not sure what caused the crash to happen in the first place, but all is well now.

How do you throw out the preferences? Which ones.


I think you just need to reset your Studio Artist movie compression preferences. Start up Studio Artist, go to the file : preferences : movie compression preferences dialog, then change all the settings, even if you just change them and change them back. Then quit Studio Artist and then restart Studio Artist.

The issue is that sometimes after a Quicktime or OS upgrade the stored movie compression preference settings become invalid. Quicktime can't deal with invalid compression settings and the crash comes from Quicktime when Studio Artist attempts to write out the first frame of the processed movie.
Thanks John.
I followed your advice and I was able to process a movie.



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