Hi All!

I need some help in tracking down the names of paint presets I applied to a photo. I have spent hours searching for these presets and can't seem to find them.

Please see attached the photo's with the paint effect applied and please see if you can help me ID the presets originally used.

Help is very much appreciated


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Identifying them after the fact is difficult. You need to write them down or record the process in situ and save each one as a session or paseq as you go along. At least that has been my experience.
If these were factory presets, John Dalton might be able to figure it out, but it can be really hard to guess otherwise. If you can remeber a few things abuot how you created these, it might help.
Are you sure they were paint presets? Any chance they were Paint Action Sequences?
Did you auto paint (hit action) or draw manually with a mouse? Some paint patches behave differently under these circumstances.

If you do figure out how you did the first one "baby-texture" I would love to know. It's beautiful. Reminds me of a Gustov Klimpt painting.
This brings up an interesting idea for the forum discussion on how people organize images. Would people find it useful to have an option to provide some kind of meta-data to finished artwork tied to a session history? Or at least the ability to reference presets or notes associated with an image.

To be honest i'm unclear if i would take the time to use it if it was there, since i usually work quickly, save a finished image, and move on to something else.
Thanks Guys - all of these were made with the autopaint (no manual paint). For the life of me I can't remember what function or preset, but it's the bog standard ones that come with 3.5. I just selected the preset and hit action.

I'm sure whoever designed the preset would instantly know which one it is.

I know that I would use it. I have often thought about this or something similar, but frankly was "afraid" to suggest.
I would use that a lot, an image, and the process that gave it birth, often becomes the "basic structure" of a whole film (for example, "Daydream Mechanics V Sketch 3" was done by pulling 3 frames from "Liaisons" and working with them as the leitmotiv for the whole 12 minutes piece).
If the images had that meta-data showing what was used to create them, it would give me info I could use for digging in there some more.
I would not make that a priority, but I sure would welcome it if available.
I use PASeq a lot also (not "only") because they give me a visual record of how an image was created, especially since we got the names of the presets were used in the PASeq.
Most of my images are born off the previous one, and my films follow the same pattern.
I have been interested in something like this as a feature in saving a file for a long time. Way back in the WWUG forum days ; )
What I would need this for would be to establish then maintain a "style" set of Presets - for a project that uses a consistent style for many images.
Often in a first run - looking to get a style established - I might run thru MANY Presets - before narrowing things down to the point where I can identify and save favorites.
But I might encounter one or two that I forget to save to a favorites section... Or I might start experimenting down the line the same way - fishing... Going thru so many options I just cannot "save" them all... I am trying to focus on the art rather than catagorizing Presets...
Arguments against saving a big History including Presets used list had been - its a ton of information to try to dig into looking for some one Preset...
My comeback would be - If its a great effect and I want to repeat it - I will take the time to go thru ten thousand lines of nonsense code jargon - looking for that Preset. I will do it after working on an image!

I WANT to use SA as a production tool for making many images in a similar style - using a defined set of Presets - But I tend to experiment freely (the great aspect of SA) with more than a few Presets in a session looking for more than a few favorites... Just in case I can get something even more exiting...
i finally made a folder of about 100 favorite presets but would have to do the same with paseqs to make things easier. i have sometimes wish there was a search option to find things like googling a preset instead of hunting for a very long time.
Absolutely, I have come to the conclusion that recording metadata/my steps is critical if for nothing else than to be able to take something I created in SA and modify it slightly, or regen at much, much higher res, or understand and developing my "look"

beyond matls
try out:
babytexture: default/general/tiles
babysubtle: default/general/oil and water
babysoft: default/general/fuzzy smear

better to have the original source photo to be sure;-)
Truly nearly impossible to tell, especially without knowing the size of your original the size of the canvas and whether you started with a white canvas or a source image. The images look like several auto paints but could also be canvas manipulators. oh yes which version of SA are you using? and if they were done with PAS then there could be several presets in action. Nice effects though so I do understand the desire to re-capture.
ok size of canvas would have been around 2000 pixels - started from white. I'm using v3.5. How do you access the paint action sequences? It's possible that it could be those, but I'm dead certain I just selected a preset and hit action.

Thanks again.


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