Currently my images are rendered using png or other file format sequences. This is required for my networked rendering setup for 3D work and real time playback via frame cycler. I am having an impossible time loading these sequences into SA 3.5. I have to go to AE render a quicktime or avi movie and then process.

This is not efficient.

How do I get SA to understand I want to import the sequence and not just one png image?



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Studio Artist can process a folder of frame images as a quicktime movie. Record your paseq. Then run the Action : Process Image Files - with PAint Action Sequence - (to movie or to images, depending on whether you want a quicktime movie or a folder of processed frame images as the output)
Thank you John

My question is can I import that folder of image files as a group vs one still frame? I often need to scrub through the images to make sure I have an adequate pas.
You can't open a folder of images as a source and then scrub through them like a movie.

Interesting idea however, so i'll think about how to support it in the future.
Hi John

I would highly suggest you include this in a future update or release. I usually composite using image files vs qt or avi.


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