It occurred to me today that what I'd really like is a "World of Studio Artist" news and events feed, or since there is already a weblog for Synthetik which has product news (I think), perhaps all that is needed to get further on this is a Studio Artist user announcement channel. If a fellow SA artist in my region had a show, I'd really want to know about it as that would pop to the top of my art show priority list.

This could include advance announcement of events such as the Visual Music Marathon, new user presets available somewhere, or any other event or news (such as a book on Studio Artist) which is connected to Studio Artist in some way. It doesn't seem like there's too much stuff that this would be overwhelming. I know has some items, but I'm thinking many of the items I might want to know about may not percolate to the top of the relevance heap to make it on, or the blog author may be on vacation, etc. Usually the artist is the one who is most motivated to post announcements ahead of the event rather than afterwards.

One of the things that inhibits searching for such items on a site like Google News is the non-unique nature of the phrase "Studio Artist".

Maybe to keep the overhead low, there could just be a discussion here dedicated to announcements for future events.


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"Mille Regretz, live" image sequence from Jean Detheux on Vimeo.

"Mille Regretz, live" image sequence

Image sequence created with frames pulled from this movie: Those frames were posted on Facebook, and the way people reacted to them structured the way the image sequence was built. That album is here:…
23 hours ago
Synthetik Software replied to ASARE CHRISTIAN's discussion PAINT PRESET
"If you want to combine different operation mode effects in a sequence to create a more complicated overall artistic effect, that is what Paint Action Sequences are for. Record all of your actions in a PASeq, then save it as a PASeq preset. If your…"
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Hi,Please is there a way to combine paint presets from different operation modes within studio artist.See More
Heather replied to Heather's discussion Export a part of a PAseq as a (paint synthesizer classic) paint preset?
"Thank you! Your directions worked perfectly for exporting this into a paint preset. Is there a way I can set up region watershed so I have manual control over where it lays (like assisted painting?)"
Synthetik Software replied to Heather's discussion Export a part of a PAseq as a (paint synthesizer classic) paint preset?
"If you run a single action step, then the editable controls of the operation mode associated with that action step are set to the values saved in the action step. You can then just press the action button in that operation mode to run the effect in…"
Heather replied to Heather's discussion Export a part of a PAseq as a (paint synthesizer classic) paint preset?
"Thank you, but I am still not understanding how to do this. I would like to get my watershed effect out of a PASeq so I have more control over it, basically turning that effect into a paint preset so I have control over where it starts, etc. Is this…"
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