how to save a movie stream as you're working

i just had sa quit after i painted 50 frames into a movie stream. i don't see a way to save the movie as i work because if i close the stream i've ended the movie. it seems i can't use "save canvas movie" because that is a loaded movie canvas command. sa doesn't usually quit but i hate to lose that much work. ??

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I hope you found a way to recapture the 50 frames.
Unfortunately if it crashes before an open movie stream is closed you have an incomplete movie file and cannot currently get the lost frames back. Using image stream is a way around this, if somewhat less ideal than a movie stream since you end up with a folder of numbered frame images and would then have to run a second step to convert them into a quicktime movie.

You can convert a folder of numbered frame images into a movie by making a simple paseq that just set the canvas to the source image, then running the process a folder of images with a paseq to a movie command in the main action menu.


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