Hi folk I'm having memory issues, and I'm not talking about my mac :)))

what wonders can we expect in the forthcoming SA4???

in anticipation...

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If you are running Studio Artist under osx, then if you run out of memory you are running out of virtual memory. Virtual memory is allocated by the operating system. First, you need the physical swap space on your hard disc for the virtual memory swap space of all running applications. Second, there are physical limitations associated with the amount of virtual memory the operating system can supply studio artist.

The issues with virtual memory have nothing to do with the amount of ram you have in your computer. Lots of ram is a great thing since the operating system can take advantage of it for faster access to memory programs are using. But the virtual memory limitation is the one we have to live with since we depend on the operating system providing us memory allocation via virtual memory. Cutting down on the number of running programs can help. And you need to insure you have enough free disc space on your computer so the swap space is there. IF you run Activity Monitor (a utility program provided on macs) you can see how much virtual memory is being used by each running process.

Once there is a 64 bit build of studio artist then the virtual memory limitations will not really be an issue. Unfortunately Apple made some decisions that affected long time mac developers like ourselves where they dropped support for programming apis when they had previously said these apis would be available. Companies such as Synthetik (and Adobe for that matter) made many architecture decisions based on Apple initially announcing they would support these particular programming apis, and having this changed is not a trivial issue to program around. This decision by Apple pushed back a potential release date for a 64 bit mac version of studio artist. The initial release of version 4 will not have 64 bit support because of this. There's a lot of programming work that needs to be done behind the scenes to deal with arbitrary marketing decisions like this made by Apple. There will be a 64 bit release of studio artist, but probably not until early 2009. It may happen on windows prior to mac, again the reason why that would be the case has everything to do with Apple and very little to do with Synthetik.

The exception to the above explanation regarding memory usage would be in a case where a particular operation in studio artist had a bug associated with it where each time the operation ran memory was allocated and then never deallocated. So if you ran a paseq action step with a memory leak bug like this to process a movie file then you could have a problem after processing hundreds of frames in a movie. We spend a lot of time looking for and fixing any memory leak problems. If you run into one we can typically turn around a fix pretty quickly for you (and everyone else) once we know about the problem. Activity Monitor is a useful tool if you think you are having a problem with a memory leak. Again, a symptom would be being able to process a few frames with no problem but having a problem after processing several hundred frames.

With any potential problem, the more specific information we have about the problem the better chance we have of fixing it for you. That kind of discussion is really better suited to personal email via techsupport at studioartist.com (as opposed to on a discussion forum like this one). If you email techsupport with some more information about the kind of problems you are experiencing we can work to solve the problem for you. If the problem is associated with a PASeq,then emailing a zip compressed version of the particular preset you are having problems with is extremely useful to solve the problem.
you are the best!!!

however as ever I was jesting about my own personal ability to retain information, not my machine. The thrust of my query focussed on the new enhancements and facilities we we can expect in SA4, the latest version of the world's greatest app :)
apologies for any confusion...

I was simply unaware if there had been a thread outlining the details,

like i say you are the best - the world's most informative app designer- don't ever change


OK, i guess i totally misread your post. Thought you were referring to running out of memory on your machine.

There has not been an official post of new 4.0 features as such. I've started to hint about some specific things here at various times when people ask.

Without giving away too much let's say that version 4 is much more real time oriented than previous versions of studio artist. Or at least you can use it that way if you want to. All of your existing paint, paseq, etc presets from 3.5 will work in the new version. We spent a lot of time to make sure that was possible. If they are really old custom presets you should open them in 3.5 and then export them again so they are updated to 3.5 formats. It's not a real issue with paint presets but is important for PASeq presets.

And of course version 4 is platform agnostic, so you can run it native on PPC and Intel macs as well as windows xp and vista. We can easily add linux to the mix in the future if we ever get enough customer interest.
Is there a planned/expected release date for Version 4?
We're trying to finish things up soon. Those of you who know me personally know there are some external factors beyond my control that are slowing things down a little, so please bear with us while we get things finished.
this is like waiting for the ketchup to fall
Are you taking any suggestions? I have one, if so (I have one if not...)

During an especially long process (usually something with vectorizer) I will forget that I can't and scroll the picture down or up on my screen. This stops the process in work. If in the new version this stopping of the processing could be limited to the spacebar then that would be good (for me - possibly for others as well).

If this is already something that can be done (via preferences or something) then I'd love to know how. New at this, in case you can't tell.

Thanks for "listening!"
What you are describing is the default behavior in version 4.
Excellent! Is there somewhere that you offer a "preview" of V4 or a list of new improved things or something (so that I don't continue asking about something already attended to...)?
I've been posting some version 4 preview info here on the forum and on studio artist news. When the actual release happens we'll post a more complete new feature list.


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