The other day I was thinking about all of the interesting signals that SA can apply to various parameters--random walks, spirals, etc, and wondering. One of the things I do when making abstract animations is to start with source material which are often still images, apply various processes including zooming, rotation, translating the x or y axes, etc. I typically drive these with some kind of signal, be it sine waves, or a random process, or whatever.

This got me to wondering if there are ways of doing this in SA, and if not, whether it might not be a nice thing. For instance, creating a process which rotates the canvas, but which is controlled by one of the many signal generators that already exists in SA (turbulence, gaussian, chaotic, etc). Ditto for things like zoom or axis translation.

All of things can be done elsewhere (in other programs), but I'd love to be able to do one stop shopping.


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You can use Temporal Generators to modulate MSG processors over time. So you could build a msg preset that rotates and have the rotation controlled by a TG that modulates the rotation parameter with procedural noise. To add a TG to a msg parameter, you select the parameter in the processor chain editor in msg evolver, then press command t to run the edit : add temporal generator menu command. The temporal generators will modulate when you use the msg preset in studio artist or msg evolver to build animation.

You could also keyframe interactive warp commands in a paint action sequence. that's a way you could modulate rotation, zooming, translation, etc.

we've talked about adding temporal generators into studio artist.


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