I am wondering whether anyone in this forum uses Final Cut Express
and if so, what capabilities it provides beyond SA.

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After viewing your video and some other recent videos on this site I wondered whether those videos were edited and prepared using FCP/FCE to get some of the effects. I don't know how to duplicate many of the effects that I see in these videos and don't know whether it is my lack of knowledge in SA and/or the additional capabilities of those programs.

My interest in making videos is a fairly recent interest and I am not sure where processing ends and video editing begins. I am exploring at this point.


Final Cut Express kind of falls into the category of a nonlinear video editor. So you can acquire footage from a variety of camera sources and then edit or arrange different pieces of video to build up a final video piece that you can then output to a variety of different formats.

Many of the editing metaphors come from digital audio programs. Like the idea of marking media like audio or video as regions and then having the ability to rearrange those regions on a timeline. In the old days you would have to splice audio tape of film to do something like that, but in the digital era its very straightforward to build complicated edits that reference the original footage or sound.

Studio Artist when thinking of video work is really oriented towards building up animations or processing video footage to create some kind of visual effect. Because Studio Artist is also a 2D paint and image manipulation program with a wide variety of organic feels you have a feature depth for paint style video effects that is unavailable in other video programs. A lot of the Studio Artist visual metaphors also come from the audio world, but more from music synthesizers.

So you could use something like Final Cut or iMovie to bring footage from a digital camera into the computer, and mark specific regions of the video that you could export as Quicktime files to then process within Studio Artist. You could then bring your processed footage back into Final Cut to assemble into a final video piece.


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