Ok - now I'm starting understand how to make stuff with the feedback warp, which is very cool.

So now I'm wondering if there's any way to do video feedback style effects without the actual warping? For example, doing some kind of rotation or scaling in conjunction with feedback?


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most of my efforts with this go out of bounds fairly quickly (though I haven't tried much yet). They either go to black or white, or get really really noisy within a few frames. Any tips for fertile directions?
For out of bounds results you can adjust the mix down on the layers to keep things in range.

Sometimes i push the values wildly out of range so they fold over and then recolorize the flattened canvas afterwards using something like Colorize ip op.

You could run some other processing to get rid of noise. Smart blur, Smooth, etc.
Related to the links you mention, there is an IFS image mapping processor called IFSProc in MSG Evolver. It was kind of experimental, but it does what they are talking about in those articles. You would chain several of them to build something more complicated. I just tried it out and it basically works as expected.

It looks like there is one issue with a little pixel drop out for certain affine ratios so i'll try to clean that up.
Another feedback experiment, this one testing out the illusion of depth to a greater extent than the one posted above:
That's a pretty amazing clip.

It's interesting, because if you didn't explain how you were doing it i would have thought it was something based on one of the procedural noise generators in Studio Artist or MSG Evolver. Maybe there's a way to take some of these ideas and fold them into a new MSG processor?
This was a two step paseq. The first step was "fixed image", with blend set to 35 (but it obviously also work with other numbers). The next step is an MSG patch which has TGs to control translation on the x and y axis, rotating, and scaling. Since the images are being faded in, the previous steps are continually translated, rotated and scaled (the settings on each of these has a big effect on the look).

In terms of folding this into an MSG processor: is there way of making a feedback buffer with MSG? Or, I suppose, just simply doing the equivalent of "fixed image?"
Right now you would need to use the 3CMixMod processor and a flat value temporary image as the mix % (as opposed to just adjusting a mix slider in a 3CMix processor (which we don't have but i'll put on my list of things to add soon).) So you'd add a temporary image stream to the bus and then set it to a scaler value with SetToValue processor, and then use that image stream as the mix image for the 3CMixMod processor. Of course you could use a more complicated image for the mix modulation which might add some interesting visual effects.

As far as a feedback buffer, you can have as many additional image streams on the bus as you want, so you can build msg presets with all kinds of temporary buffers for calculations.
I added a 3CMix MSG processor, so it's in there now. However, it's in the 4.0 codebase so you'll have to wait until 4.0 comes out to get access to it.

Feel free to speak up about any other MSG processors you would like to see added, especially ones that fill 'holes' like this one.


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