I'm having a weird problem in the MSG Processor Chain editor. After assigning a TG to any given value, I type in a number for the cycle length, say 1000, and change the type to a new value, perhaps Sin. Then when I go to edit another process, the two values I just entered revert to what they were before I changed them (Ramp, 10, for example). The ONLY way I can get those new values to stick is if I immediately run a Preview of the cell as a movie. This is repeatable across all presets, processes, values, etc.
iMac running 10.4.10 3.5.x.
Thanks for any help.

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It does appear to be broken. For now run cmnd r to run a preview after an edit to the TG parameters to make sure the edit sticks. I'll take a look at what's going on and see if we can get a quick fix out.
OK, i think it's fixed now. The fix will be in the MSG Evolver 1.03a3 alpha build. I'll email this to you and you can test it to verify it's fixed for you.
Thanks for the rapid response, John. Also, is there any chance you could add a feature to allow the processor values to update in real time when they are under the control of a TG? I see that they update after I finish running a preview animaiton, but I would love to see the actual real-time values updating as I watch a movie being generated (or a preview). And when generating a movie, a pause generate control (and of course, a restart) would be great. Sometimes I accidentally touch the mouse and the movie stops generating at, say, frame 2000. So then I have to restart from frame 1 if I want to continue past that point (It would also be great to specify in advance how many frames you wanted to redner). Or a maybe a prompt that says :Do you really want to stop generating the movie" could be added, and the user could say no, continue to generate.

Also, can you tell me what the starting value of a TG-driver process is? Is it just the value one sees for the processor at start time?
And finally, I would love cosine, square (or pulse, with variable duty cycle), and phase-oriented sine curves (90 degree sine, etc.) so one could do a lot of phase (or out of phase) stuff with processor values. More function suggestions coming...
Most of the new feature stuff will probably get put into the next generation stuff as opposed to shoehorned back into the existing app. But i might be able to drop some stuff into existing msg evolver if time permits.

i have been adding some new TG types, so i'll try to make sure your suggestions are in there. Any other TG options you would like to see speak up, since i'm currently working on the TG support in dev version 4.

The start value is not the current parameter value but will depend on what the TG type,min,max values are set to. You're right in that there should be a way to preview that before the animation starts. And being able to stop and continue in msg evolver would be very useful i agree.

You can use msg keyframes in a studio artist paseq, so that would be one way to keyframe a specific number of frames now and also have start/stop capability along with the dialog you want where it asks you if you want to stop, studio artist has all that stuff for animating into an open movie stream. if you only have up to 6 animating parameters in the msg preset then you could edit the tg's via the msg user sliders in studio artist. more than that and you'd have to drop back and forth between msg evolver and studio artist.


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