I have a folder with paintings done in SA over the last ten years or so. Maybe I'm off a year or two. Anyway, because I've had a number of Macs over that time and my folders may be on a different volume name, SA painting sessions that I did years ago when opened today do not show the source image that they were originally set up with.

I see just a blank area where the source image would normally be shown. I know it is trivial to re-link the file--if you know what it is. Unfortunately I'd be lucky if I could remember anything I was doing ten years ago to the day.

The main thing I would like to do in those cases is have some kind of readout like Adobe Photoshop's links palette which shows me the file name and path that SA stored with that painting session.

Is there a command to do this? If not, can it be a feature request?


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It's not there now but it is a good feature request so we've added it to the suggestions for version 4.
Thank you!

One wrinkle on this subject is what happens when you change the source image mid-session? Does the session record know that the source image changed and keep both file paths?



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