Hi! I hope I'm doing this right, Ning is still a bit mysterious for me. I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Florence and I do abstract art. I have been using Studio Artist irregularly and don't know much about it, but I'm having fun :-) You can see some of my SA stuff in my photos (if I did this right) or on my website.

I do hope it's OK to post this, if I'm breaking a rule just let me know and delete my message!


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Welcome to the new Studio Artist User Forum. Thanks for posting the examples of your artwork to the photos section, you have a really interesting style for your abstract pieces.

Personally for me, being able to see all the examples of different Studio Artist user's artwork is a great source of inspiration, and it's fascinating to see all the different styles and approaches.

Feel free to post to the forum, groups, photos, etc., that's what they are there for.
Thank you for your welcome!
Thanks for sharing your work -- I really enjoyed seeing it.

Thank you! Yes, I use a graphic tablet, a Wacom Intuos, I forget the model but it's not the latest one. It's a mid-size one (A5 I think), small enough to fit on my desk. I love it and use it for a lot of things.
Thank you be, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Thanks for the great work. It's beautful and very rich.
Thank you Paul, it's wonderful to hear :-D


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