Things that prevent magical 'flow' state in SA

Ran across two interesting postings that look at the increasing frequency of interruptions in our world (Twitter being the perfect example) and how that precludes getting into the flow state, and I think for artists, flow is important.

How is this connected to SA? Well traditional artists can avoid the problem by just going into their studio and focusing on the canvas, or going plein air and not having any electronic devices near. However when you use SA, you are probably on a computer which is online. Being online, you are subject to the interruptions. So it seems simple, just don't use Twitter or IM or check email while painting in SA? But is that simple answer reasonable? Do you think your work in SA suffers from the interruptions that being on a networked computer invites?

I admit, I would like to be more connected to a community of artists, but I've no interest in using Twitter to do that (because I hate interruptions).


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I'd vote for keeping the email (or anything else for that matter) turned off when working. So i think the simple solution does make sense.

I guess if you wanted to get complicated you could hook up twitter to modulate some aspect of a preset so the tool you were working with would change depending on what your circle of friends were doing at that particular moment.
Pardon my ignorance, but what is Twitter and how would you use it to modulate an aspect of a preset?
My understanding of Twitter is that it's a way for your friends to text you of the status of their daily life in semi-real time, like 'i'm waiting in line for coffee', etc. Someone feel free to correct me if i'm missing something since to be honest i don't know much about it other than what i've read in a few articles.

As far as using Twitter to change some aspect of a paint or other preset, i was extrapolating to how someone might use the current status of their community to influence their art, if they did in fact want to utilize Twitter or something like it to influence their artistic flow. I have no idea how you would be able to do this automatically in studio artist right now, so it's kind of a hypothetical discussion. But i guess you could come up with some manual approach to diverting what you were doing based on the status of your community (like maybe you change presets randomly whenever someone texts you).

I know of people who use random radio input or ongoing street noise as a part of their musical composition process, often heavily processing it in some way. And you could think about doing the same kind of thing with a live tv channel input into a live video processing setup. So the hypothetical question i was putting out, is there in fact an artistic use for something like Twitter (as opposed to it just being a distraction to getting actual work done). I don't know that i would personally be interested in it, but i'm trying to stretch my brain to think about possible artistic uses for social networking things like Twitter.
Very cool idea to link an SA painting process to Twitter.

If professional photographers have been killed off to an extent by tools like Flickr, what would social-networked paintings do to artists?

Pro photographers are all killed off? no way! An artist is not judged by his tool set but by his/her vision actualized.
No need to worry about individual creativeness getting sucked up by others....have fun, play,share,
you'll know when you get there.


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