Hi all, I know this isn't a quicktime forum, but anyhow, I have created an animation (using SA of course) from an image sequence, opened it in QT 7 pro, saved it out and it is 2.43GB, it stutters and drags on playback, both on desktop and viewed in iMovie / SA. Just out of interest, I opened it in QT 10, and saved it as (converted).mov, and now it doesn't stutter or drag on desktop or in iMovie / SA, and also its now only 615.3MB in size. 

I see from the inspector its format is now Apple ProRes 4444, I don't know wether thats a good thing or not? Quality seems comparable

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What is the codec of the original movie file?

If it’s “none” or even “Animation”, it takes a very fast machine to play it without stuttering, fast drives and fast connections (if external).

I create all my movies with the Apple ProRes 4444, and it rocks for digitally created images.

I used to work with “none”, but the files were getting so large (in HD 1080p), ProRes 4444 is just as good and more manageable, USB3 is fast enough to smoothly play those movies from external drives.

A bit less good with digital files “only” but quite good, and with smaller file sizes is ProRes 422 (HQ).

Files can be large, but the quality is there, so much so that some festivals are now accepting ProRes 4444 for official screenings (they also accept 422 HQ, am glad it’s no longer "all DCP”).

You can set SA to work with ProRes 4444 as the original output, no need to convert anything after that unless you want to post your work on line (then it’s h.264 for now, h.265 is on the horizon).

And QuickTime Pro 7 is waaaay better than QT X, I am sorry Apple is ditching QuickTime, and I know I am not the only one to feel that way.

Yes I used Animation for my QT7 movie, usually I'll output an image stream then open & save in QT7, its a pity they didn't put the capability of QT7 in 10. 

Its so strange that Apple are ditching QT, I wonder what they are thinking people who use macs and FCP will think of it? Its not going to make much sense - or iMovie, I'm finding iMovie and Garageband both useful, I can open a QT movie inside Garageband and sync it to sounds, thats pretty handy! 

I don't really output movies directly from SA, (tho I may want to do that at some point) Would ProRes 4444 be the Compression setting under Movie Codec Settings labelled "Apple Intermediate Codec"? A lot of these compression settings are a bit of a mystery to me, its hard to find detailed info (which is easy to follow) on them online. Cheers Jean :) 


I assume you have the “Pro” codecs installed (you must you did see ProRes 4444 earlier), so the ProRes options should be available.

In SA, first open the movie settings this way:

Going deeper, you should see this:

Once you’ve made the choice, it should stick for further movie processing/rendering.

If you do not see the ProRes options, you need to find and install the Apple Pro codecs (I may have them somewhere on one of the Macs here, let me know).

Oh, I don't have those - I was hoping to say I do now, but have just downloaded, and it says I can't install as I don't have FCP, Motion, or compressor! I got 4444 with QT X, so I guess I'll survive, but it does seem a bit corporate of Apple to behave this way!! 

Oh ye of little hope (or is it faith?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlpwuGTc1tk


Thanks Jean, that could turn out very useful :D 

Go for it Simon, ProRes 4444 rocks as a work format.

Good luck.

Ha, it works! I now have 4444 in QT7! Excellent :) 

Very good.

Glad to see it worked (I have the Pro applications so I did not have to try this make-shift installation, I was not sure it would work for you).

Yes, the new codecs even appear in SA, so I made it default since it works so well 

I love Apple ProRes codecs too. I used to religiously use Animation Codec... mostly because it looked so good and cause I liked the name. But as soon as my fps rates got higher and resolutions got larger than 720x480, things began to bog down. Once Apple introduced the ProRes codecs I did extensive comparative testing and concluded that ProRes is virtually identical to uncompressed or Animation codec. BTW I hate when folks use terms like "virtually identical". But it is true. I can see no difference in detail. Possibly a slight difference in color or brightness... but nothing important. And, without doubt, the data rates of ProRes (and therefore how smoothly it plays on your computer) is a tiny fraction of Animation codec data rates; and file size is proportionally smaller too.

I don't use ProRes 4444 since, my understanding is that it is mostly important for it's ability to carry an alpha channel (tho, I admit, I don't fully understand the 'bit' depth differences), which I rarely use. I use either regular ProRes or ProRes HQ.

The other advantage of ProRes codecs is that they play natively in FinalCutProX without needing conversion.


Very interesting - I found 4444 because QT10 was using it, I do use alpha channels quite a bit for compositing 3D software output, also file size is becoming an issue as my 1TB is getting full now!


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