Any suggestion for limited palette Please

This is my Source image:

and I have a limited 23 colors Palette:

If I want to use these colors manual I see gray in First color and use it as background
Now I want generate an auto paint thus I force SA to : RGB Match Color Palette
SA paints this:

Is there any way to force using visual colors as much as possible?
I send my Palette and My Paint Action Sequence Preset here.
Thank you for Any suggestion.

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What do you mean by 'visual colors'?

Are you saying you want to auto-generate the palette from the source image?

If so, you can do that.

You use the Edit : Palette : Generate from menu command. With the Source Image option if you want to generate the palette from the source.

There are 2 different algorithms we offer to do the actual palette conversion calculations. We offer both as options because what they generate is often different.

KMean usually give a better representative palette.

Hope this is what you were looking for. If not, explain a little bit more what you are trying to do.

Thank you, But I don't want to generate palette, I said I have a fixed one now, want SA to paint my source by only these 23 colors as much as possible; similar to the source colors, For example I have gray in my palette thus I suppose SA uses it as background but as you see it used pink and so on, What can I do? Please think you have 23 colors pencil, you use gray pencil as background or pink? How to force SA to use the nearest color in visual?

If you are using the Palletize option in the Source area, then it is doing what you want to do. It is choosing the closest color in the palette.

If you have color randomization setup in the paint synth controls, then it's going to be modifying those palette colors based on those randomization settings.

The color is going to be associated with the start point of the paint path. So if you have long paths, then it's going to follow where that path goes. You can make them symmetrical (path shape control panel), then the center of the path is at the start point.

There are tons of controls to end the path pre-maturely if the color at that point in the canvas deviates too much from the start point. So that will clean up overshoot, which seems to be part of what you are concerned about.

I used an "Image Compressor", 
Now At leastو I see the flower but it is not Ideal again.

I want more similarity in colors and shapes


The flower is light gray.

You can modulate the brush size so it gets smaller as you move off color, and goes away if you move too far. Again, this tightens up the painting.

No I can't,Because I want to make a grid mosaic at end.

Ok, so you want a tiling pattern based on an image folder brush to follow the individual paths to best represent the source image?

Sounds like a fun experiment. If this is what you are looking for, let's try to figure it out. Seems doable to me in current V5.  If not, we would certainly want to understand why.

Ok, I asked another way;

I have this image:

and I have only this palette:

Please paint(not vector) it in any way  with "only the palettes colors" in the best mode (colors and visual) that you prefer. Palette link

Sure, why not.

So, i used the Reinitialize paint synth macro edit to get the paint synthesizer to a default known state. You could also shift click the Init button at the bottom of the Editor.

The i reduced the Bias in Brush Source to 34 and boosted the Height to 141 to get a firmer looking tube paint.

So then i want it to be smarter about how it was drawing. So i went to Path Start and set the Inhibitor to Skip Blanking, the Blanking to Brush Only. Rest Blanking was already turned on.  I also went to Path End and set the Blanking to ON.  You could have just used the Use Smart Coverage paint synth macro edit to do what i just did manually.

So now i want it to paint using only the current colors in the source color palette. I imported your palette file. I used the Turn Off All Modulation paint synth macro edit to insure there was no color randomization going on.

I then used the Palletize option in the Source Area while in Image tab.

and hit the Action button. This is what i get.

The closest colors in the source color palette are what it is drawing with.

If i turn off Palletize

i get the following painting

So all of this is what i would expect to happen. If you want the painting to be tighter, there are all kinds of edits you could do to make that happen.

If you want a more interesting paint style, again you can set it up however you want.

So i knocked off a dynamic brush preset in about 30 seconds worth of editing.

Here's what it looks like without palletize on.

So because i am using a Dynamic Brush preset that has OverRide Color set to Regionize Color in the Paint Color Source control panel, trying to use the main Source Area palletize menu is not going to work (the OverRide Color option turned on supersedes that Source Area option. Now we could perhaps argue that we should fix that, so it's on the 'look at this more' list.

So i set the Color Mode option in the Paint Color Source control panel to RGB Match Color Palette. This forces the paint synthesizer to map to the palette colors.

And here is the resulting painting.

So i mean in terms of different paint styles you are really only limited by your imagination, and the time to try out the endless variations you could create.


Thank you for yor complete reply, Now after some search I found if I do dither (by photoshop) on source,the result of  your Preset will be more similar to it, But I could not find a good dither in SA, Please help again.

Are you saying you want to dither off of the palette colors?

There are a ton of ways to generate halftoning effects in SA, so otherwise i'm confused?

I am trying to generate more similar to source with limited palette thus I want to put some dithering:

But it failed



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