Anyone know if "Number One" by Leighton Pierce used Studio Artist?

Description on the Sundance channel: "Water imagery engages the experience of elasticity between varying states of mind." The artist bio says it another way that rings true for me: Leighton Pierce uses film, video, and sound to create experiences in transformative time.

I saw this short film recently and it completely blew me away. And I kept thinking afterwards that parts of it reminded me of things that I've seen other people do in Studio Artist, or that I'm sure could be done with the MSG Evolver. The short hovers between abstraction, painterly effects, and what I imagine the astronaut saw in 2001 towards the end when he looked in the monolith and said My God, it's full of stars! I really want to just watch this over and over. I do think the big screen is necessary to experience it as transformative time.

You can view it online at


Here's some info on the artist:
Leighton Pierce - Leighton Pierce uses film, video, and sound to create experiences in transformative time. His award-winning short films and videos have been exhibited in major art museums and film festivals throughout the world, including the Whitney Biennial and the Sundance Film Festival. Most recently, Pierce has been working with video installations that have been shown at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Muse� d'art contemporaine in Montr�al, and Boudin College Art Museum. A major 13-channel, 5,500-square-foot video installation, Warm Occlusion, was presented in 2006 at the University of Iowa Museum of Art.

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Cool video. I can imagine how it might be done with SA mirror transformations, but it does not look like SA to me.


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