Hi everyone,
Have been using SA for quite some time but didn't no there is a forum. I'm a newbie here.
Well wanted to know if it's possible to use an image brush together with an msg preset that uses an image as its input by using the brush option under the source parameter from the msg brush load panel.

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Yes. You can use the brush option for the source for the MSG Brush Load. So then if you are using an image brush or image folder brush the image being used as the brush will be the source for the MSG processing specified in MSG Brush Load.

Thanks, I tried what you said but when i paint i still see the output of the msg preset on the canvas or are there some processors or presets that uses the source brush as its input. I'm a big fun of msg and i really like using it. Will be grateful if you could explain how to make the source brush paint other than msg preset. 

If you want to attach the paint preset you are working with, i can take a look at it and make some specific comments.

If your MSG preset is not processing it's input image streams, then obviously whatever you have setup as the Source input in MSG Brush Load is not going to affect the output. So that would be one thing to check out.


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