I  notice most of the time when I import an SA jpeg image into Photoshop, the "Convert to Profile" warning window appears.

I choose sRGB for internet viewing and aRGB for a general working profile.

Question: is there an option to save SA images with a specific color profile?


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Studio Artist is saving an image in the RGB color space of your computer's monitor.

Does this mean that when Photoshop assigns the sRGB color space that it converts the SA monitor RGB?

I want to understand the color management process using SA images.

You should probably setup photoshop so that it doesn't convert (ie: modify) the pixels in the studio artist image when it imports it. The specific settings for that are different in different versions of photoshop. Perhaps a photoshop guru can speak up on the specifics of that.

We've tried to stay away from building color correction and color calibration into studio artist. The feeling is that everyone who cares about it already has a calibrated print setup in photoshop and can print from there using their calibrated print system.

I color calibrate my monitor only. 


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