In one of your comments you said studio Artist RGB mapping uses only one vector and wanted to know if 2D modulation or Wacom tablet can be use to introduce another color vector mapping in order to have more than one vector.

How can one incorporate more than one color into a paint job.

Thanks. Really learning something.

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Learning to work with the Fixed Colors control panel in the paint synthesizer is probably the best approach to generating paint effects with more than one paint color in them Each of the 2 Fixed Colors (Fixed Color 1, Fixed Color 2) can be set to a static color you select in the source area color picker. Or they can track the current source color as offsets. An offset could be something like a luminance or hue offset.

The 2 fixed colors are available throughout the paint synthesizer as modulator options.

The Paint Brush Load control panel has a Type option called Gradient Generator. So you can use this option to generate paint nibs that are composed of the 2 Fixed Colors.

The Paint Color Modulate control panel has 3 controls associated with the Path Gradient. So you can use this to automatically or interactively modulate the color of a paint stroke as it's being drawn.

Paint Fill Setup control panel has a lot of different fill and fill modulation options based on the 2 fixed colors.

If you paint with a Source Area color gradient then the color will move through the color gradient over the course of the paint path.

There are other approaches you can take, but what i suggest above is a good place to get started.

Thanks really appreciate it


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