I' am looking for some "comb"-like vector brushes (multibrushes) as additional pentools for black&white-drawings. I am referring to the strokestyles used by "Charles Burns" (see examples) and others. I'm sure those can be constructed in SA5. But how? Danke.

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Here's a vector comb paint preset i threw together really quickly. I'm using freestyle multipen for the pen mode because i'm using one of the bezier region options for the vector stroke type (vector output control panel). 

You can control the characteristics of the multi pen by using the controls in the multi-pen mode control panel.

You can control the characteristics of the vector paint in the vector output control panel.

I can explain in more detail if you have any questions about how to make variations of this kind of thing. There should also be a bunch of paint presets that do this kind of thing. i'll try to hunt them up for you and post them here.


Thanks a lot john for your always kindly assistance, I should now be able to variegate this preset.

If you use spheres or circular regions for the vector stroke type, you can use interactive pen. You'd want to have a pretty tight spacing for path application if you do that, and turn off color randomization to get it looking solid.

Freestyle pen is nice for things like this, because the path length used for the size modulation of the nibs is computed over whatever path length you used when you drew the freestyle path. If you are using interactive pen, then the path length for the modulation is whatever is specified in Path Shape control pale for path length max.


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