HI all,

Looking to be able to replicate this look using SA. I am assuming this is possible using some type of mosaic settings, but can someone walk me through the best settings to be able to get close to this look?

(this in not my image and under copyright.)


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Yeah, i'm sure you could do things like this. The first step would be to put together the sets of pattern images you wanted to use for the image folder brush fills.

Then experiment with different path start regionization options for the region patterning you wanted to use. Or vectorizer regionization. If you want the partial canvas fill this one has, you could fill with solid color using non anti-aliased fills for the regions, then select the regions you want to keep, invert selection, fill with white, copy canvas to selection buffer, use one of the path start regionization options based on selection buffer in paint synth. Or save the mask in a second layer, then use it to white out the un-wanted areas after a normal full canvas regionization fill with your image folder brush.

Then add the manual paint touches for the extra messy feel it has.


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Synthetik Software replied to ASARE CHRISTIAN's discussion REGION FILL AS BRUSH
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"Hi John, Please could you explain what the source parameter under the MSG brush load option does."
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