I'm working on some stuff for live projection that is going to have an "old-timey" 4:3 aspect ratio.


I'd like to crop the image to 800x600. But really, I'd first like to resize to 1066x600, and then crop to 800x600, centering the crop in the middle of the image.


In other words, I'd like to go from 16:9, and resize/crop to 4:3/800x600, trimming away either side of the image.


Is there an easy way to do this in a PASeq? Couldn't figure it out (looked up "crop" and resize" in the manual), and any help would be much appreciated.




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You'd have to do it in 2 steps. And you need version 3.5 for one of the steps. You can also do the entire thing in 3.5 using a single PASeq, as discussed below.

First, run a simple 1 step PASeq that sets the canvas to the source image. Use your original source movie as the source with a 1066x600 canvas. I'd probably use the supersize interpolation option, unless you like the look of bi-cubic better for some reason.


The crop part you'd have to do in version 3.5, since it allows for variable sized layers. You'd make a second layer sized and positioned appropriately. Then you can build your PASeq so that the larger source movie is placed in one layer that is the full canvas size. You can record an option click of the little button on the left side of the 3.5 layer to record the current view into the option clicked layer. So the current view is the full size canvas layer. And you option click on the smaller cropped and centered layer.


You can do the entire thing in one PASeq in 3.5 if you want to. You'd have to use the special set canvas to supersized source layer menu command to do the supersizing part, since supersizer was not as tightly integrated into the guts of studio artist in 3.5 like it is in version 4.


the other key to this, is that you open a movie stream in 3.5 who's output is tied to a specific layer, the smaller centered crop layer.


I actually did a project like this very recently using version 3.5. I had a really large fixed source image, and i wanted to make a movie that output a 720x480 pixel cropped window in the static image, where the cropped window moved across the static image over time. So it was basically the same project, except i was using layer position keyframing in 3.5 and not re-interpolating the source. You want a static positioned crop layer, but you do want to interpolate the source movie.

got it--thanks, John!


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