Dodge and burn individual and or complete movie frames.

Hello everyone.


Is there a simple way to perform dodge and burn functions similar to photoshop?  I need to perform this function within the context of an existing animation on either individual frames of the file or on the complete movie file.


I am using 4.3. 


BTW thank you John for being so prompt in answering emails. I wish more companies were as responsive and caring as you are to your customer base.



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You should check out the Image Compressor image operation effect. It's a locally adaptive contrast enhancement effect that can do a form of auto-dodge-burn.


There are a number of interactive adjust effects that can be used to interactively adjust a tone contrast curve (Luminance Adjust, Bias/gain Adjust). To use those you mouse down in the canvas and then your cursor movement prior to mousing up interactively adjusts the canvas image. You can use the selection operation mode if you want to select specific areas, and then you would turn on masking prior to running the interactive adjustment if you wanted to only adjust certain areas.


There are paint preset available that lighten or darken the canvas. And you could also edit one in the paint synthesizer pretty easily.  I'll try to put a daily effects blog post together on how to build this kind of thing.

One place to look for some pre-built paint tools to artistically dodge and burn is in the paint preset ToolBox EFX collection.


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