Hello all,

I am trying to record a dualpaint effect in SA5 according to the video tutorial starting from an image in stream, etc. and using the mouse to give an acceleration effect from the image to a transition effect to use in a video.

Here's what I do and wish to realize:

in dual paint mode bringing in an image - preset: falling spheres - animations, kaleido spiro warp. The image is in the canvas > click with the mouse in the middle of the image  > image goes smaller to the middle to fade out and black background and sphere, then I click somewhere else on the black background and got another sphere and the previous sphere seems to be absorbed to the new one. 

According to the tutorial for Mac, I follow these steps but wish to record above exactly as is with the movements of the spheres. If I need to record this with a screensaver one would see the mouse on the canvas.... If I follow the SA5 tutorial can I record the movie to use as such in a Windows editing soft?

I appreciate your comments.




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There is an option in the main preferences dialog that lets you show or hide the cursor during full screen display. So there are ways to use a screen capture program without seeing the cursor displayed if that's what you want to do.

If you are interested in using a movie stream output as opposed to just using a screen capture program, what screen write flag are you trying to use?


Thanks for your quick reply. 

Where do I have to look at the "main preferences" for that option? Can you inform of the steps for hiding the cursor/mouse? 

Regarding the movie stream output, I follow what is in the Mac tutorial but for a Windows 7 usage. 

The flag if I understand well your question: file>stream>flags>enable Write on op end (as in the tutorial, I think). 

I appreciate your further news.

Alan :-)

Open the main preferences dialog. the General tab will be the one it come sup with. Right near the bottom is the Full Screen Cursor popup with normal and hide options available. Cmnd 0 is full screen shortcut key command, or look for the Show FullScreen menu in the main Windows menu.

Hello again,

I see this in the preferences and the full screen cursor hided but in Windows 7 pro this seems not to work? Screen recording still shows the mouse in dualpaint effects?... 

Alan ;~(

Hello again,

Rechecking the video tutorial on your website, in Mac the Quick Time player opens but not in Windows 7 and one need to add .mov to make it work (is not mentioned in the tutorial). Seems to work now with no trace of the mouse cursor in stream mode. The screen recorder mode does not seem to work here avoiding the cursor (mouse). Maybe using another screen recorder would help. 

Will test the two ways.



Yes, on windows you do have to add a .mov file extension to the name of the movie you want to output. We should modify the code so that it just adds it automatically if it's missing on windows.

It's not necessary on the mac, but windows depends on file extensions for other applications and the os to understand what a particular file type is.

I'll look into the full screen cursor hiding on windows. On a mac it works as you would expect, it does not display if you are in full screen mode and the cursor is inside of the canvas. It will display if you move the cursor outside of the canvas area (like the gray border or other palettes).

Hello again,

Have you had the opportunity to check the screen cursor hiding on windows? I seem unable to find a screen recorder hiding the cursor/mouse and usable to be in control of the manual movements in dual mode paint, f.i. 

I appreciate your news.



It works for me on windows the same as it does on a mac.  Cursor is hidden in full screen display if i turn on that full screen preference setting and then switch to full screen display.

If you don't run the screen capture program, does it work (cursor hidden in full screen display mode), or not?

What specific preset are you trying to use when you have the problem?

Hello again,

"Seems to work now with no trace of the mouse cursor in stream mode. The screen recorder mode does not seem to work here avoiding the cursor (mouse). Maybe using another screen recorder would help" as written in a previous message here. 

I do not find a screen recorder avoiding the mouse/cursor when it records. 

Also, my tests with Dual mode paint and other PASeq, psynth classic in stream and full screen do not record the full effect? Say I wish to record 10 sec, the results show less. In Paseq 46 images, in Dual the effect minus X sec but not the entire effect. Start with an image to let it disappear in the effect; one misses x secs?  Cursor OK. 

I don't know why this happens?  Presets: stream>flags>enable write on OP end, (recording on .mov (Windows))>cmnd 0 for full screen.

Alan ;-(

Here's a tip on movie and image streams. You should read through the different stream flag options and what they do.

You said you are using write on op end as your stream flag. So, you output a frame when the 2nd image operation effect completes (op end), and if the paint synth stops drawing (op end). This is often a useful way to stream a dual paint effect, but it explains what you are seeing in your output.

The 'autowrite' stream flag options work more like a conventional screen recorder, dumping frames at intervals based on a specific timer. That timer is set in the movie preferences tab in the main preferences dialog. If outputting a movie stream, keep in mind that the actual playback timing of the frames the generated movie uses for playback is set in the Movie Codec Settings dialog.

What windows screen recorder are you using? 


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