What would be a good place to start to try to emulate the "fluid art" that is really popular right now? See examples below. (art is not mine). Thanks!

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Yeah, thanks for pointing this one out. There was a whole folder of stuff i posted for this topic years ago, which should be in forum archives some where. Also, older wet ink presets would be a good place to look. 

thanks! I will check it out. 

Seems like there are a lot of ways.

I am sure there are some experts with the tools in SA that can suggest more options.

I like doing some hand painting with Paint Synth Presets.

The package here has a few that sort of address the effect and some that don’t but are fun and a good place to start editing:


The zip contains several start point Paint Synth Presets 

These were built to be used with a source image.

Another hands on option:

Warp/Rotate Local.  Adjust settings to taste and draw.

Several other warp effects can be useful as well.

Awesome. I downloaded the presets and am going to try them today! 

I updated the presets with more:


None of this set really do the full liquid spreading that you may be looking for - but they are fun to play with. I made them as effects coming from hand drawing/spreading... No auto button type things.

I also poked around in old SA presets.

You will find in SA 2.0 collections and 3.0 that there are some nice spreading effects like:

3.0 collection/Liquids/LiquidFlower1

Look for Liquids folders

It would be great to see what you create with the spreading liquids! Luck! 

Thanks! Where would I find the old 2 and 3 presets? I only can find the presets for 4.

HI Craig,
Not exactly liquid, but here's one I just finished that is going to be made into prints.

Made with SA?! Very wild! Well done!

: )

The 2.0 and 3.0 collections I have may be from older installs - or they may be available as downloads from the Synthetik site. I am uncertain where I got them from... Other than I have had versions of SA from 2000-ish on and stacks of old presets.

A search in this Ning forum might turn up where those collections could be found.

thanks! Yes, totally SA except some color correction in Photoshop. I am struggling with getting the look I want, the manual and tuts really don't make sense to me, I am more of a visual learner, I need to see it. I would enjoy finding a mentor that can help me, and I would pay someone to sit down with me and help me achieve the looks I want. ; )

Another approach to this kind of thing is to work with blocks of painted color that you then treat with water spread and water drip effects to get the fluid look. So rather then using a liquid paint, you emulate that mixing and spread effects by working with clear water paint presets on initially non-wet colored paint areas.


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