Hi All,

When I tried to run detail mosaic preset with my own folder image, this error message appear...

Why ? I have re-installed the error message still appear....

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You should start a tech support ticket so that we can help you understand what is going on and resolve the problem. You should include the win os version you are using, the size of the source image and canvas you were working with in pixels, and the preset you were running when it crashed. If you were using a custom image folder brush, it you can attach the image folder in addition to the preset, that would help tech support to exactly test what you are doing here.

should i re-registered ? When I use forum account, status: failed. When I cretate new user, failed to create password, even I have create with mixed case and number. 

Ok forget it then...

If you are having a problem submitting a tech support ticket, could you please explain exactly what the problem you are running into is. It should be very straight forward. There is a contact support submenu in the support menu at synthetik.com that brings up this submit support ticket page. There is then a very simple form you fill out that asks for your email address, name, subject, description, and a field if you want to include a file attachment with the ticket. The ticket then gets entered in our tech support system so we can track it, and someone from tech support will respond within 24 hours.

I don't understand  your comment about 'forum account'? are you talking about the 'my account' part of synthetik.com? That has nothing to do with entering a tech support ticket.

The most common issue people run into with registering for 'my account' is that they need to enter a very secure password or the password will fail. You need to include 1 or more of the characters you get if you use the shift key with one of the number characters, in addition to using numbers and letters.

But again, registering for 'my account' has nothing to do with submitting a tech support ticket. 

We'd really like you to submit a tech support ticket for your original mosaic preset issue described above, so that we can understand what you are running into, and fix the issue for you (and potentially others). Or at the very least, answer the questions i asked above here so we can try to duplicate your problem here.

Anything involving a crash or potential program bug is better served by submitting a tech support ticket that explains in detail what the problem is and how you think we can reproduce it. We then enter the problem in our bug tracking system, and work with you to understand and resolve the problem.


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"Hi, still not working, what is the email to send the preset to? Thank you!"
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"Hopefully attachment support will pop back in a few hours. You can email it directly to me if you can't get the attachment to work."

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