Though I am not involved with rotoscoping those of you who are may find this interesting.

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So here's the article they link to that provides a tiny bit more information about their approach.

Since they are based in Austin i'm going to guess that maybe some of the old Waking Life - A Scanner Darkly animator alumni were involved. 

I'd be curious to learn more about their workflow setup if anyone has any to pass on.

An alternative approach to all of that manual labor would be the Studio Artist approach. Here's a link to an old interview with David Kaplan about the making of the Sundance award winning Animated feature film Year of the Fish.

We did interact with some of the animators from that Austin gang at one point in the past, which is where some of the sequential keyframe features in Studio Artist came from.

Did you watch the video on the link page? It details the production process including how the rotoscoping was executed.

Can you post the link you are talking about here. I'm not seeing it or a link page for some reason, which probably means i need to drink my mug of coffee and fully wake up.

Hmm... the link seems to work from my end when you click the word "this" in the original post but maybe it isn't coming through - here is the unembedded link:

Try this for the direct link to YouTube:

So some Studio Artist users have explored the idea of generating 2D matte background paintings, placing them in a 3D space, and then generating animation that moved through that painted backing space. Here's an old article on Skylar's work. There are other things he's done created like like this posted here on the user forum i believe.

We've been looking at the concept again here as we look into things to do with Studio Artist and AR.

I fired up Hulu last night, parked on the couch and watched a few episodes of Unbound. Obviously a labor of love involving much manpower backed with a generous but not extravagant budget. It is well done.

Then I hit the links to Skylar's work and explored from there. Lots to absorb. Studio Artist really seems to excel at pushing the conceptual/experimental art approach (which I like) versus the "classical" rotoscoping look I see in unbound.

Some of the exploratory work Skylar has on his site really pushes the experimental aspect of Studio Artist and is very cool. Like so much of the experimental/exploratory art it precedes the commercial aspect of what we can sell or gain acceptance for today. Kinda like the old story that painters don't become collectable and people don't appreciate their work until after they die.

I really need to expand my horizons!


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I'm new to SA and really having lot of fun drifting. I think SA is the best bit of digital painting kit out there and has so much potential! The Rotoscoping thing is amazing, but I'm only into static images and printing.I like the idea of developing styles, and think SA is prefect for this. There is so much, that it becomes a bit overwhelming, so I'm slowly trying to reduce the process and get to understand the Basic steps. I don't want to just keep producing one of images that are more guess…See More
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