How many people use the List option for the Editor?

Ok, inquiring minds want to know. How many people actually use the List option for the Editor Display Mode preference?

As opposed to one of the Group Box options.

I never use it.  

It's currently not available in current test builds (for various reasons). Just trying to figure out if anyone cares or not.

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same here: never use it

Nor do I, but I'm glad you asked the question because it's made go and have a good look at how many variables there are, I like Gallery show so seeing the way it can be controlled is stunning from my point of view, so, thank you for asking the question, I've just learned a whole bunch of stuff...

No, never used this mode

I've never used or even looked at the various options available. I always used the default - Group Box - slider. I thought hey why is that, so I tried out the others. I like the dial and slider one. I find it easier to grab the controls with the pen. I did notice something weird though. Using the default setting (group box - slider) I can enter values above 100 (with the keyboard). In the others I can't. For example I can enter a value of 400 in the displace amount field when I use the group box - slider but not when I use the other 2 options. Why is that?

The sliders and dials have minimum and maximum values associated with them. Because otherwise they would not be able to work.  They have to be adjusting in some defined range, which is set for each control parameter in the Editor.

But some times it's nice to enter values outside of the range. So we try to allow that to happen.

Sounds like the dials are restricting to enforce the min-max range they have for the current parameter.

So here's what I'm talking about. In the first screen shot (group box - slider) I've entered a value of 200 (manually) which over rides the max value selected by dragging the slider to the right hand limit. In the second screen shot (box slider1) I've attempted to over ride the 100 value by entering 200 manually. It defaults back to 100. I would expect it to have the same behavior as the default box slider otherwise why bother?


I was totally unaware of the List option and have not used it either.

I never do.


I'd never used it until I saw this post but when I tried it I like't ti very much because it increased the density of the UI which is very helpful for complex synths. One thing I noticed that the alternating background colors for the list (light blue and white) are inconsistent with the gray-white color scheme of the UI.

I can see it being useful in automating the application from something like sikuli, but I would not miss it if it is gone. Being able to enter values outside the default range is potentially very useful. I hope that makes it in the next release even if the list view is gone.’s passed me by..

I now feel I ought to look closer


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