Hello, I'm using SA5 and would like to set the Canvas to transparent so that when I save the image as a PNG file, only what I have drawn on the canvas will be saved without the white background.  Is there any easy way to do this?  Thank you, T.C.

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If you have alpha view enabled, then the contents of the canvas alpha channel will be output when you save the canvas as a PNG file.

If you erase the background of the canvas, you want to use a full erase as opposed to just a rgb content erase if you want hte alpha channel to erase to full off. The other thing to be aware of is that you can turn on or off paint synth alpha enable (whether the paint synth draws something into the alpha channel of not). Typically if you enable alpha view, you also want to turn that on.

There is an option in the canvas layer view control to 'view current alpha only', which is very useful to help understand what is going on with the alpha channel when doing thing in the program. Unlike programs like photoshop, alpha view and hat can be done with the alpha channel is totally flexible. The program defaults with it turned off. Here's a tip on working with alpha that discusses what i mentioned above in more detail.

Hello again.  Thanks for the excellent explanation and for the tip.  It's all starting to make more sense now.  Just need to start working with the alpha channel to see what other creative uses it can be used for.  Thanks again!  T.C.


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