Hi Everyone

I am trying to make  a preset similar looking atahhed file.

Random size dots no overlap, touches besides dot, fill only white area. Color from source image

it is possible?


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I am sure there are quite a few factory presets available with SA that could start you on the way to making images like that.

I am attaching a Paint Synthesizer preset that might be a good starting point for experimenting: cd_dottoss01.zip

I used the auto button to run the action.

This will generate nice color dots (colors from a source file) that (mostly) don't overlap and are various sizes. I generated the attached (screengrab) image on a 3222x3222px canvas. You can edit this preset in the Paint Synthesizer for variation. The dots reference the fish source image (also attached)

I am sure there are better options for generating the kind of dot cluster you are going for - I just happened to like working in the Paint Synthesizer.



Like Craig said, there are a lot of different ways you could build something like this. Here's one simple paint synthesizer approach.

So i'm using smooth random path start generator, a path length of 1, vector sphere painting, and i configured Path End to stop if the point is non white.

I then edited the Brush Modulation control panel to add some random brush size modulation. I also set the min-max range for that modulation to be a range less then the max brush size (to provide some space between each paint nib).

The 2 paint synthesizer preset files i used for this simple example are attached below.


You could also use MSG or the Vectorizer to create various close pack sphere abstract images. I'll try to post some examples of these alternative approaches here tomorrow.


Thank you for your helpfull answers. Your answers so close what I need - Especially closepack2.

I did some editing on it and get colser dot.

Is it possible touches dots each other and minimum whites between them without overlapping?

If you goto the Brush Modulation control panel, you can set the min and max brush sizes the modulation is generated within. So set Max Size to 100% if you want them to touch.


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