I want more details with more cells in this preset!

This is a preset that generates very Low detail that is not enough,

1-I like the shapes but How can I increase the numbers of the cells for more and more details? (I changed all the parameters values but but I could not get more cells)

2-I use a directory of png images for it, How Can I force SA to use best image shapes or rotate them without change the height and width of that image?

3-How can I force SA to use best images (with colors sums) for each cells without using "Make Self Colorizing Brush"?

4-How Can I change the (white spaces) background color to my custom color?

thank you for your time

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The Max Stroke setting in the path Start control panel of the paint synthesizer lets you control the number of regions. This is true for any of the path start regionization generator options. If you decrease the Max Stroke, you will get more regions.

If you want to use the Brush Modulation orientation modulation controls to modulate the rotation of the images inside of the regions, you need to use the 'Alpha Only - BrMod Orient Rotate' option for the brush Option parameter in the Region as Brush Mode control panel. And then setup the Brush Modulation control panel orientation modulation controls appropriately.

You should use the Image Folder option for the Source parameter in the Brush Source control panel. You have it set to Text right now. Then you can use one of the RGB Mapping options for the MB 1D Frame Mod parameter.

Just erase the canvas to the appropriate background color prior to running the preset.

When i changed the max stroke their shapes convert to square!

That's not what i see. I get smaller cellular regions.

Original preset, Max Stroke = 60.

Modified preset, Max Stroke = 10.

I think the problem is after selecting 'Alpha Only - BrMod Orient Rotate', SA generates Blocks instead of cells!


Now I use:[Path Start]-->[Cellular Regionize], which options must I use If I want self shapes of each png in optimized place?


I looked at the code for that particular Brush Option, and it looks like it just uses brush orientation modulation to rotate all 4 RGBA brush buffers.

I think the best way to fix it is to leave that setting and rename it appropriately, and then add 2 new options. What you want (rotate RGB, don't rotate A) or (rotate RGBA, mask rotated alpha) would be one of the 2 new options.

The changes should end up in 5.02 whenever we release that update.

Please compile SA win64 too.


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