We received a feature request to add support for indexed bit map color images. So my question for people is, is this really a feature more than one person would like to see added, and if so how would you use it?

8 bit color index mapped images used to be used quite a bit a long time ago, when memory was at a premium. An 8 bit (or less) black and white index is color mapped through a color lookup table. So when conserving memory in computers was a big deal, this mechanism was used to simulate a full color image while only using a single (1 byte per pixel) black and white image for storage (as opposed to 3 or 4 bytes per pixel for RGB or RGBA).

Studio Artist does let you simulate the artistic effects associated with color index mapping. You can use the Color Palette Map (or Color Gradient Map) image operation effects to map a black and white image channel through a color index.

But we don't currently support a color index mapped output file format.

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8bit and pixel art use now in devices like game sprites and icons. In machines for textiles and fabric we must use 8bit and indexed colors images even now, when we make 24 bit and convert it to 8 bit with programs such photoshop there will be pixelation but for artistic weaving we need sharp and good quality 8 bit images. I hope you pit this feature because i think it is important. Thank you
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"Thankyou..thats fantastic"
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"Here are some V5 paint presets that show off different splatter effects. I've attached 2 categories as well as some Brush files they use that you might need if they aren't already inside your V5 Brush folder."
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"For a long time, I used the ProRes 422(HQ) option, it was the format I worked with in both SA and FCP and later FCP X,  but once I saw (on a movie theatre screen) the “same” movie in 422 (HQ) and in 4444, I was sold on ProRes…"
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SR1 from Jean Detheux on Vimeo.


Another salvaged sketch done about 13 or 14 years ago, when I was exploring various ways to approach my first NFB film (“Liaisons": https://www.nfb.ca/film/liaisons_fr).
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"Any time you run a lossy compression algorithm, you are going to lose something associated with the frame image. That degradation will compound if you later recompress with a difference codec. Whether or not that is a problem depends on the source…"
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"i have found that once it is converted i cannot put it back in SA. the bigger file might look better but if you see no difference and have a problem with the amount of space on your computer i wouldn't keep the original."
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splatter effect

I am sure there is a way of doing a splattered pollocky effect, i am sure i have used it.I just cant find it, can anyone remind me? I would be very gratefulSee More

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