I am using SA5 on a Mac. How do I install downloaded presets?

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If you search the forum archives, this topic has been discussed quite a bit. Here's a recap of what to do.

Studio Artist accesses presets from various folders located inside of the Preset folder, which is inside of your main Studio Artist 5 folder. On a mac that Studio Artist folder is usually inside of the Applications folder (unless you installed it somewhere else on your computer). On windows, it's inside of C:\ProgramFiles(x86) folder.

Here's a link to a tip that discusses the organization of the Preset folder.

You can also setup custom favorites categories and drop your downloaded presets into there as opposed to making new category folders in different op mode locations in the Preset folder. The nice thing about Favorites is that you can drop any kind of preset type into a favorites category folder. 

You can always just use the appropriate file : import menu commands to open specific preset files. And you can drag and drop a preset file onto the Studio Artist icon in the dock and it will import it as well.


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"As far as the paint preset you are trying to use this in. So, the paint preset is using a msg preset for the msg brush load that is generative only. By that i means it’s io chain is setup so that no input to the msg preset is used in it.…"
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Synthetik Software replied to ASARE CHRISTIAN's discussion REGION FILL AS BRUSH
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"Hi John, Please could you explain what the source parameter under the MSG brush load option does."
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