Is it possible to create mosaic with predefined grid?

There are some special mathematical form for mosaic,

Is it possible to define a special grid something like the image or to specify a customized Tile Priority through a vector/grayscale image?

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If you had either a solid fill version of one of those patterns, or just the outlines as an image, you could use that either by loading it in to the selection buffer of by loading it into the canvas and then running the appropriate path start generator for the regionization.

Please how do you load an image into a selection buffer for regionization.

There's a screen shot below of the Canvas Selection :set to menu commands, which is what you can use to set the selection buffer to the canvas, source image, etc.

So here's a penrose tiling outline image.

So you can use this kind of image to build a tiling based painting working off of the image.

I first dragged it into the canvas.

I then set the selection buffer to the canvas.

I then built a path start regionization preset that used the Selection as Regions Full On only path start generator.

I didn't use an image folder brush or a movie brush for this, but i could have used one for the fills instead of solid color.

A few things to keep in mind. First, you need to make sure that the entire interior of the cells are full on 255 white pixel color, or they will not be full on selection, and you'll get a degraded interior fill, or no fill if non of the interior of the cells are 2555 full on white. I used the BW Threshold Adjust effect to insure that was the case before setting the selection buffer to the binary black and white only tiling cell canvas.

Second, running any path start regionize preset blows away the contents of the selection buffer, since as we have mentioned in discussions here recently, the selection buffer is temporarily set to each individual region shape while the path start regionization fill process is proceeding from region to region. Useful for utilizing some paint synthesizer options that work off of the selection buffer contents. Bad if you wanted your selection to still be there after running the path start regionization.

Please for the solid color paint fill did you manually paint them or it was generated automatically by the press of a button. Thanks.

It's all automatic. And i could have used a movie brush rather than solid fills.

Asare, I thought you were familiar with using path start regionization for tiling with region fill as brush mode. This is exactly the same, you're just use a path start generator for the regionization that works off of pre-defined flat color regions in an image, as opposed to using one that generates the regions via some algorithm.

Once you said for path start regionizer path type option manual painting is not possible. So I wanted to know if manual painting is possible since we've generated our own set of regionizers and how to do it if possible?

Have you read the first part of this recent post? You can fill with solid color, movie brush, etc by manually drawing when in region fill as brush pen mode.

What you need to be careful about is that some auto-paint presets that work with path start regionization may have paint synth settings turned on that restrict manual painting in some way. usually the path shape is specificly tied to the path start regionization process for example, or they may be counting on the selection buffer being set to the region shapes during regionization, etc, so that when you try and manual draw those settings preclude it in some way.

Here's a simple tip on path start regionization. There are a ton more posts about the specifics of it on our website.

"One thing to be aware of is that the path start regionization processing will destroy the contents of the selection buffer. So if you want to re run the auto paint step, you need to regenerate the selection buffer you originally used before you can run the effect a second time." Please i read this from a post and would like to know if after setting the canvas to the selection you'll have to rerun the operation that created the flat regions and then use it as a selection buffer again, since the path start regionization destroys the regions created by the selection buffer. Please wanted to know if am correct with my explanation on this part of the post. The topic of the post is "Building an Irregular Photo Mosaic Based on the Vectorizer"

Yes, path start regionization blows away the contents of the selection buffer after you run it. This happens because the selection buffer is auto-setup with the contents of each region one by one as they are generated and filled in.

You could either keep the selection image you want to use again in a second hidden layer so you have it around to setup the selection buffer again after running the path start regionization. Or you have to regenerate it using whatever method you did to create it. Or you could save it to disk and put it in a context content action step in a paseq to easily access it again.

Also from the post, manual painting using region as brush pen mode was used which fill the regions generated from the vectorizer with patterns. I tried it using an image operation (block abstraction)to generate rectangular blocks of flat regions but my brush fill does not follow the regions since you'll have to draw a shape to be filled with a brush. Please i want to know if there is a way where you only mouse click to fill a region as opposed to drawing a shape to be filled with a brush
Please what is the difference between region as pen mode and auto region as brush pen mode. Tried the auto region as brush pen mode but when I click or draw with the mouse I only see a small dot.


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