Is it possible to simply create asymmetrical warps from imagery?

It appears all basic warp functions are symmetrical and you must go through a series of selections and steps to create the appearance of asymmetry.  Perhaps I am missing a parameter adjustment that will assist.  This applies to all basic functions in the warp editor.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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If you use the Boundary control in the Editor when in Warp operation mode, you can select Reflect, Tile, or Clip options there. It defaults to Reflect, so that's why you are seeing the reflection symmetry when you use it. Tile or Clip will give you asymmetry.

Thank you for your prompt response.  I have done this but the end result is radically different from the preset using boundary.  So much so that the presets appear to have little in common each other.  I will try and play with this some more.  :)

I like the boundary Reflect behavior because it is so artistic. It's because it generates symmetry effects that it ends up being so artistic. People's brains are wired to light up when they see symmetry in images.

The other options do what they say. Tile basically wraps around as opposed to reflects. And Clip doesn't wrap or reflect.

We'd be happy to offer another boundary behavior if someone can come up with one, but the 3 we offer seem to cover the bases.

If you want to post an image or 2 of what kind of asymmetry effect you are looking for, i can take a look at it and comment further.


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