Is there any updates for Studio Artist 5, Windows 10?

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5.01 is the latest Studio Artist 5 version. If you have 5.0 as opposed to 5.01, you can get 5.01 downloads in your personal myaccount at

We're not aware of any win 10 issues. We use it here without any issues with SA V5. if you feel there is something we need to know about associated with win 10, you can start a tech support ticket and tell us what you are running into.

Hello Synthetic Software,

I am very interested in your statement that "We're not aware of any Win 10 issues". My Studio Artist 4 did not survive my upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Apparently Quicktime did not survive the W8.1 to W10 update on my system. I am under the impression that Apple no longer supports Quicktime on Windows. I am also under the impression that there is a serious security issue with Quicktime on Windows. I was hoping that Studio Artist 5 would not require Quicktime by having its own coding for that function, but apparently that is not the case.

I own a non-functioning version of Studio Artist 4. I am on your email mailing list, and received the notification of Black Friday upgrade discounts via the email from Candice. I believe that 25% code SABF25 expires today, and so be that. I would be willing to pay the full upgrade price if Studio Artist 5 were functional on my system, although the Quicktime problems would be a concern.

I don't know of a competitive special effects video product on Windows systems, so there should be a significant market for Studio Artist on Windows. There should be financial motivation for removing the Quicktime dependency from Studio Artist. But I am currently curious about your statement that "We're not aware of any Win 10 issues". I seem to be painfully aware.

Version 5 runs on windows without quicktime installed. You lose quicktime movie file read/write capability if it's not installed. But you can still work with tiff, jpeg, png, etc images.

You can install quicktime for windows on win 10 computers. We do it here, and we have many customers who do it as well. Don't install the browser plugins (this is off as the default setting in the installer), and don't download quicktime files from the web and then open them, and you should be fine.

I just checked the downloads section of my account, 5.01 Isn't In the downloads scetion.

Can you start a tech support incident for that. Then the appropriate person can check your myaccount and see what the issue is with it and then fix it for you.

Thanks for the quick reply, I'll make a tech support incident right now.


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