Apparently there is an issue with the photo uploads to the user forum right now. We have a support ticket in to Ning about it. Hopefully they will resolve whatever the problem is soon.

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Thanks for the update.

I thought it was something I was doing wrong. Been trying to post to the cool presets group all day on every browser I have.

Hopefully things will get fixed soon!

Are you saying you can't post images inside of a post, or you can't post an attachment file? I can add info to our tech support incident if other things are not working for you.

The only reply i've gotten from ning tech support so far reads like a response from bot more than an actual person answering. Hope they all didn't go on holiday for a few weeks (ha,ha,groan).

I was including images in a post and a zip attachment. All I got was an error notice:

We're sorry, we are having an issue with this page. Follow this link to the main page.

If you get this message again, please let us know.

I didnt try all the permutations of post with text only. Posting an image... Posting a zip - etc.

I was able to post text with links. But an attached zip file wont take.

I also was unable to post a picture to my "Photos".

It is still busted. But even more funny. I actually saved the post and all its contents after the first fail - and the images are already stored in a Ning server somewhere. Example:

I was able to attach a zip with the attachment button at the top of this editor... But not with the "Upload Files" options at the bottom.

My post went up with all the parts in one form or another - but the process was trickier than expected:

Still can't post an image from my "Photos" page. Neither the Flash uploader not the classic uploader work

Looks like the photo upload issue people were running into is fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience, and looking forward to seeing some new photo art posts. Thanks again to Alan for letting us know about the problem.

I am still having issues attaching images with my posts. I get the same error message We're sorry, we are having an issue with this page. Follow this link to the main page.

There is a new issue...the uploads are oversize and there is only one way to upload now. Before there were two options

What do you mean by oversized? The photo you uploaded is sized incorrectly when it is displayed? aspect ratio changed? or?

As far as the other way to upload that used to be there. I think it was flash based. So you can see why they might have removed it, since flash is rapidly dying off. Most people have it disabled in their browsers these days.

I just tried a new photo upload and it worked for me. If you are still having issues, let me know what browser you are using and what image format you are trying to upload and the file size of the image in MB. 

I also uploaded three images as a test. I was able to upload.

BUT the process is messed up. I tried uploading all three (multiple uploads dialogue is showing) from my Photos/Add area. When I added all three I got:

One image for all three as a preview and

One image - a different image of the three - showing as the art being uploaded. The third image was not showing at all...

When I uploaded one image at a time and went thru the whole process before starting a new image - things worked fine.

Not sure if this is a Safari issue (Version 10.1.2 (10603.3.8))

Or a Ning issue?

Users that get the Ning error and redirect links might want to clear their cache and try again.

It happens in Firefox, Safari and Chrome...Attached is a screen shot showing the issue. Also there were two ways to upload files before. Now there is only one option. I have also attached a screen shot of the only available upload option.

The file is small...jpeg between 1-2MB. Attached is that file as well.

I am not sure if the images uploaded here for my previous message...I got a message saying there was a problem.


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