Apparently there is an issue with the photo uploads to the user forum right now. We have a support ticket in to Ning about it. Hopefully they will resolve whatever the problem is soon.

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What is the osx version you are running?

What is the file size of the image you are trying to upload?

What is the raster file format of the image you are trying to upload?

Is there an example image you can attach here that does not upload i can pass on to the Ning AI TechSupportbot so they can debug the problem?

Every image I try to upload does not work, and the message that is with it doesn't either. I have tried numerous times over the course of a week. I get the same message over and over. (See my previous comment in this thread for the error message). I cannot upload any images, when I do the message won't go through so I don't know how to get you screenshots. I can email them to you. 
I am on 10.12.6, the image(s) I have been trying to upload to attach to messages are tiny, on is a 45k png.

Did you try shutting down safari, rebooting the computer, then restarting safari? You could try chrome as well as a second browser test.

It's odd because uploading is working again for everyone else now as far as i can tell.

First thing to try would be to open it in preview and then save it as a jpg, then try to upload the jpg.

You can also email me one of the images, or start a support ticket at and attach the image there, and we can see if we can upload it here. i can pass it on to ning support if it doesn't work for us.

What is going on with fixing the issue I am having with the uploads?

Ha,ha. My best guess is that they have all been off for christmas / new year holidays and nothing has been done.

I'll check in with support later this week and see what the AI response bot has to say about it. They claim they know about the problem.  They also have your examples that i sent them to work with. So i assume at some point they will get around to fixing it.


Ning's present solution for dealing with the problem is terrible. Can you see if they can really fix the problem as restore the way it used to work. Thanks

I looked at your photo upload page. Yes, just clipping the photo is a pretty bad fix. I agree they should just shrink the photo properly until it fits with it's original aspect ratio. I'll pass that back to tech support.

Ning has screwed up the sizing again. It was working fine and now has reverted. My vertical image now is a square and when you click on it the image is too large for the computer screen. Please contact them again. They seem inept.

It seems to be working again. the 2 images you posted today come out ok in your photos page overview.


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